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RPG-7 Camo Challenges & Tips for Completing Them

Craig Robinson

The RPG-7 is a classic run around and fire your RPG at enemy players, watching their bodies ragdoll around the map. MW2’s version is no different and offers the same nice, easy and cheesy kills you would expect. However, the RPG-7 has camo challenges, which you must complete for your journey into camo mastery grind. Here is a look at some of the RPG-7 camo challenges, along with tips, tricks and map strategies for making it easier.

Here is a closer look at the MW2 RPG-7 camo challenges, and tips, tricks and other strategies to make completing them easier.

MW2 RPG-7 Camo Challenges Tips

Challenge Requirement Camo reward
Challenge 1 Get 40 kills with the RPG-7 Jungle Digital
Gold Challenge Get two kills without dying five times Gold Camo
Platinum Challenge Destroy 10 enemy equipment, streaks, or vehicles Platinum Camo
Polyatomic Challenge Get 15 double kills with the RPG-7 Polyatomic
Orion Challenge Currently unknown Orion Camo

The general rule of thumb is that you need to use your RPG-7 to get kills to complete the first and only base camo challenge from level 11 onwards. The trick to making this easier is you go hunting for players, using little tactics to your advantage. Your primary method is as follows:

  • Ground War Helicopter: The big Helicopter on ground war modes will offer you the chance to look from the sky, looking for players capturing ground war flags, or snipers on rooftops.
  • Domination, Hardpoint or Headquarters: Look for sites and objectives getting captured, and launch your RPG-7 onto the site for free kill(s).
  • General run and gun, shoot the RPG-7 towards people’s feet and let the AOE radius take them out.

No matter what challenge you’re doing, we recommend that you use the Overclock ultimate perk to increase your field upgrade regeneration, and use the Munition Box Field Upgrade to get more ammo for the RPG-7. This increases your opportunities to get kills with the RPG-7 each life.

If you’re opting for the Hardpoint and Headquarters game modes for your challenge kills, then the Snapshot Grenades are great options. This is good if you find you need to take the site back. You can find exactly what enemies are hiding and the angles they are holding, flushing them out of their spots to progress those challenges.

You can also use Tracker perk if you want to see what direction enemies are traveling to, so you can catch up and launch the RPG at them.

RPG-7 Gold Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges

Now its time for the RPG-7 Gold Camo Challenge in MW2. What you need to do here is get two kills without dying. Chances are that you are doing that anyway while getting the 40 kills, so, do the exact same strategies that you like, and then you should chip away at the RPG-7 gold challenges with ease.

RPG-7 Platinum Challenge

Moving onto the RPG-7 Platinum Camo Challenge, you now need to get killstreak, equipment, and vehicle kills using your RPG-7. Sadly, the RPG-7 is not the best for this, thanks to weaker vehicle explosion damage and lack of lock-on for killstreaks.

The best method you have of completing this is switching to your RPG-7 when enemy Counter UAVs are in the air. These tend to be not too far from the ground, so you can easily aim for them and take them out in a single RPG round. You can also use Munition Boxes to take out the choppers and VTOLs with your extra rounds. You may need to respawn and get it, but it works. This also works too for the Ground War and Invasion vehicles. If you can use an LMG with incendiary ammo, as they do decent vehicle damage, then use your RPGs wisely to secure the killing shot on them to progress the challenge.

The other solution you have is to run DDOS as your Field Upgrade and assault sites. You can use this to disable enemy trophy systems, and then launch your DDOS to take out the disabled mines, claymores and the trophy system itself.

RPG-7 Polyatomic challenge

Finally, you have the RPG-7 Polyatomic Camo Challenge. You now need to get double kills. This can be hard to do. We feel the most efficient strategy is returning to the Hardpoint and Headquarters modes. You now need to look for multiple people holding objectives. We again recommend the Snapshot tacticals, throwing them on site and finding two people close together. Alternatively, get the Tracker perk and find out of enemies are close together.

If you still want to play Ground War and Invasion modes, you can potentially get multi-kills against occupied vehicles. You can also sit in the helicopter spawn above sites and look for two or more people camping on a building or taking an objective. Be aware there’s no guarantee this will happen, especially considering how big these maps are.

This concludes our tips and tricks on getting the RPG-7 camo challenges in MW2. Goodluck on your grind to Orion!


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