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PDSW 528 Camo Challenges & Tips for Completing Them

Shane Williams

The PDSW is another one of the most popular SMGs in MW2 right now. It’s stats are pretty even across the board aside from the range which is to be expected from an SMG, but its a great candidate for players that prefer to run and gun. As you level up, though, there are base camos to beat. If you’re wondering what the PDSW 528 camo challenges are. We aim to help you out with that.

Here is a look at the PDSW Camo Challenges and tips on how to complete each one.

PDSW 528 Camo Challenges in MW2

The PDSW 528 Camo Challenges are as follows:

Challenge Requirement Camo Reward
Challenge 1 Get 50 kills with the PDSW 528 Shadow Stalker
Challenge 2 Get 50 kills while ADS with the PDSW 528 Gecko
Challenge 3 Get 15 hipfire kills with the PDSW 528 Shale
Challenge 4 Get 10 point blank kills with the PDSW 528 Power Pink
PDSW Gold Challenge Get 3 Kills without dying 10 times with the PDSW 528 Gold
PDSW Platinum Challenge 25 longshots with the PDSW 528 Platinum
PDSW Polyatomic Challenge 25 headshots with the PDSW 528 Polyatomic
PDSW Orion Challenge Currently Unknown Orion

PDSW 528 Challenges Tips

Three of the 4 basic challenges are fairly simple to get. As long as you ADS with every kill then you should complete both Challenge 1 and 2 together if you’ve unlocked both of the challenges, then for the “Get 15 hipfire kills with the PDSW 528” you’ll ideally want to play objective-based game modes, such as Hardpoint, Domination or Headquarters, as players will be distracted with trying to reach the objective which will allow you to sneak up behind them and spray your bullets to bag the kill. Additionally, you’ll want to use this weapon on the smaller maps like the Mercado Las Almas, as the PDSW 528 will struggle at long-range gunfights.

Next up, you’ll move onto “Get 10 Point Blank kills with the PDSW 528” which will involve you having to take out enemies with the PDSW 528 within melee distance. The best way to do this is to put on the Phantom Package, as that’ll give you both Ghost and Cold-Blooded which will prevent you showing up on the minimap when a UAV is active and will stop you showing up on Tactical Camera or Recon Drones. This will help you get close to enemies so you can kill within Point Blank range. Additionally, you’ll want to play on objective based game modes like the previous challenges so other players aren’t focusing on kills, then you’ll want try and find enemies within alleys and avoid gunfights out in the open.

PDSW 528 Gold Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges

Once you’ve completed the four basic camos you’ll move onto the PDSW 528 Gold Camo Challenge which is a lot easier to complete. All you need to do is get three kills without dying ten times to get the gold camo. Team Deathmatch is probably a better mode to play for this challenge as you dont have to worry about the objective, so you can find somewhere to hide out, so you can pick of enemies by surprise making it easier to wrack up the three killstreak. Upon completion of the PDSW 528 Gold Camo Challenge you’ll need to unlock Gold for the remaining 7 SMGs before you can move onto the PDSW 528 Platinum Camo Challenge .

This Camo is a little more difficult, as you need to get long-distance kills. Here we recommend sitting on long angles in Invasion maps, or playing long angles of Taraq or Embassy to get the kills. If you mount it to the wall by pressing DualSense-Stick-R. Additionally, if you’re finding long-shots hard to pull off, then try one of the magnified scopes, such as the VLK 4.0 Optic or Forge Tac Delta 4 as it’ll make seeing enemies in the distance easier.

Once you’ve obtained all 51 Platinum weapons you’ll finally move onto the PDSW 528 Polyatomic Camo Challenge which requires you to 25 headshots. Stick with whatever build you as that works with your playstyle to get it. We recommend being close to mid range whilst using the Cronen Mini Red Dot to make it easier to line up your shots. Stick with none-objective based gamemodes like TDM as it’ll make it easier for you to avoid being in situations where you’re facing 3+ enemies.

This concludes the PDSW 528 camo challenges for MW2. Good luck farming those challenges, getting gorgeous gold and pretty platinum and other hard to graft for skins. If we happen to catch the requirements for Orion, we will update this page with the relevant information.


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