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MX9 Camo Challenges & Tips for Completing Them

Craig Robinson

The MX9 is a robust SMG, with very little recoil, great accuracy, and power for its weapon class. Players will love heading into close-range fights, shredding with this weapon and its an incredibly great feeling. While you breeze through the weapon levels, you’ll unlock MX9 camo challenges in MW2 along the way. We intend to make getting these challenges even easier, offering tips and tricks to complete the MX9 camo challenges in MW2, including the MX9 gold challenge and other weapon mastery challenges.

Here is a look at the MX9 camo challenges in MW2, and tips on how to complete them.

MW2 MX9 Camo Challenges Tips

Challenge Requirement Camo reward
Challenge 1 Get 50 kills with the MX9 Concrete Jungle
Challenge 2 Get 10 double kills with the MX9 Foret Digital
Challenge 3 Get 20 kills while mounted with the MX9 Overgrown
Challenge 4 Get 30 kills while crouched with the MX9 Rainbow Tiger
Gold Challenge Get three kills without dying ten times Gold Camo
Platinum Challenge 25 longshots with the MX9 Platinum Camo
Polyatomic Challenge 25 headshots with the MX9 Polyatomic
Orion Challenge Currently unknown Orion Camo

The main four challenges with the MX9 can be done using the same loadout. We recommend getting your hands on the following loadout, which we believe to be the best MX9 loadout so far.

  • Magazine: 32 Round Magazine
  • Rear Grip: Bruen 0900 Grip
  • Muzzle: FTAC Castle Compensator
  • Comb: FTAC C11 Riser

These four attachments make the MX9 incredibly lightweight and fast to move with, alongside granting ADS sight speed that’s very fast. Moreso, the compensator makes the gun a lazer beam of bullets, while the 32-round magazine puts it up to standard with most SMG’s base mag size. You should have no issue getting kills for most MX9 camo challenges using this loadout.

To complete challenge 2, which requires double kills, we recommend playing game modes like Headquarters, Domination, and Hardpoint. You’re more likely to find objectives spawn in an enclosed area that you can fight over. The result of it is that you will naturally find opportunities to get double kills fairly often. The best places to do this that compliment your MX9’s damage profile and range are places like B site on Farm 18, the B site on El Asimo warehouse, and A site and other hardpoint and headquarters locations on the inside buildings of the Embassy. Simply watch the angles enemies come in from, and hope two walks into your bullets at a time. You can also look for spawn trap kills on places like Sena Border, or the spawn traps on Al Bagra for double kills too!

The mounted kills for the MX9 are fairly tricky since its damage range is rather poor. You loadout you can for is:

  • Muzzle: Silencer that increases damage range
  • Barrel: 508MM Rear Guard barrel for extra damage range too.

You can then mount on outdoor places like Embassy, El Asilo, Al Bagra, and get mounted kills while overwatching pathways to objective locations. You can also do this in closer range areas with decent mounting opportunities, such as places with bars, tables, desks, and sofas, like on most objective sites in the Hotel map, and the pit area of the Raceway.

The final MX9 camo challenge requires you to get couch kills. The best way to do this is by playing the default loadout with ADS focus and then sliding into enemies. This will allow you to play as you normally should with the MX9, and still, get kills. Alternatively, camp near corners, hide behind doors on objective locations, and crouch spray people down, with your hope fire or ADS. That’s a valid strategy too!

MX9 Gold Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges

The MX9 Gold Camo Challenge require players to get three kills with the gun without dying. The option for this is fairly similar to how you play the double-kill challenge. Find the angles and the areas that players like running to, and get three kills. You can also contest sites, and use Battle Rage as a field upgrade before running in to ensure your health ticks back up after you land a kill. It should make it easier to get those multi-kills with the gun. You can also camp if you want to, and cover those key map pathways, or even get kills on spawn trapped players on maps like Al Bagra, Sena Border, etc.

As for the MX9 Platinum Camo Challenge, you need to get longshot kills. We recommend this MX9 loadout:

  • Barrel: Rear Guard barrel
  • Muzzle: A silencer to get a better damage range.
  • Rear Grip: Recoil control rear grip.

You only need to kill enemies roughly 35 meters away, so you don’t need to go too deep into this. Another piece of advice is to aim your iron sights at the upper chest, as the recoil should naturally drift into player’s head too. This is important as the MX9 duels quite poorly against AR’s and MM rifles at range, so small tips like this can go along way. You can do this on invasion maps for long-range kills, or you can play long angles like those on Embassy’s outdoor areas, or camp the green tents and cover the ruins and graveyard area of Taraq for long-range kills, however, its quite a terrible map for the MX9. The Crown Raceway also has decent mid range out door fights, like those on either side of the pit.

Finally, the MX9 Polyatomic Camo Challenge has players get headshots. Now it’s time to default back to the MX9 ADS build mentioned for the default challenges and do it once again. We recommend playing tight, close-range angles, and pre-aiming head height. The good spots for this are awkward funnel areas, like those in Farrm 18’s buildings, or the thick wooden doors and alleyways of Al Bagra and Las Almas. The Embassy’s indoor locations also present a good opportunity to pre-aim head height angles and get kills with them.

This concludes the MX9 Camo challenges guide. Hopefully, these tips and tricks make it easier for you to get these challenges complete. Some will be tough, but you will eventually chip away at them.


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