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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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Kastov 74U Camo Challenges & Tips for Completing Them

Craig Robinson

The Kastov 74U is a popular AR, thanks to its incredibly strong damage profile, and SMG mobility. It’s very easy to level this gun and make it incredibly strong. However, the challenges can be very tricky, so, we aim to guide you through MW2’s Kastov 74U camo challenges, offering tips on completing them.

Here is a look at the Kastov 74U camo challenges, and tips on completing them.

MW2 Kastov 74U Camo Challenges

Here is a closer look at the Kastovcv 762 Camo challenges in MW2, and tips on completing them.

Challenge Requirement Camo reward
Challenge 1 Get 50 kills with the Kastov 74U Ripple Effect
Challenge 2 Get 15 point-blank kills with the Kastoc 74U Jungle Digital
Challenge 3 Get 10 Double Kills with the Kastov 74U Canary Stone
Challenge 4 Get 30 kills while crouched with the Kastov 74U Chemical Reaction
Gold challenge Get three kills without dying ten times Gold Camo
Platinum Challenge 25 longshots with the Kastov 74U Platinum Camo
Polyatomic Challenge 25 headshots with the Kastov 74U Polyatomic
Orion Challenge Currently unknown Orion Camo

The Kastov 74U camo challenges 1 and 4 are fairly simple to do. All it is is to get kills while crouched and get kills in general. There’s nothing too complicated about it. You will naturally do these, just as long as you remember to crouch and get kills.

However, where this gets interesting is challenge number 2 and 3. The second challenge requires you to get 15 point-blank kills. Which is certainly a feat. You will need to play near doorways or other areas where you can funnel enemies into your location. One of the best ways to do this is to camp in corners of Headquarters or Hardpoint rooms, such as those on El Asilo, Las Almas, Al Bagra Fortress, or other maps with many contested indoor locations. If you need any more help, feel free to equip your loadout with:

  • Shorttac 330M barrel
  • FTAC Grimline Laser

These two attachments improve the 74U’s hip-fire recoil and accuracy, which will help with your hip-fire point-blank kills.

Lastly, you have the challenge of the double kills. For this, we recommend using the following attachments, which we believe to be the best Kastov 74U loadout:

  • BR 209 Barrel
  • XTEN Havoc 90 muzzle
  • Phase 3 Grip
  • True Tac Grip

These attachments give you solid recoil, damage, ADS speed, and hip fire when needed. It will allow you to be versatile in just about any scenario. Now, all you need to do is find the contested map area, especially when you know where the enemies spawn, and then camp key areas. You should be able to get double kills fairly often. You can also go to Invasion mode and get into bigger lobbies, which, in theory, produces better chances at double kills, as long as you focus yourself on objectives.

Gold Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges

The Kastov Gold Camo Challenge requires you to get three kills with the gun without dying ten times. The trick to doing this depends on your playstyle. You can either use a similar strategy to the double kill challenge or play like the Kastov 74U should do and run around key areas of objectives, map rotation or other areas to grab kills. It should be simple enough to get three kills before you die. It can take a few games at most to get gold, depending on the maps, SBMM and other factors.

Meanwhile, MW2’s Kastov 74U Platinum Camo Challenge requires longshots. To do this, you will need to mod your gun slightly. We recommend taking the Harbinger D20 muzzle for the extra damage range, as it’s the only attachment for the 74U that will increase the damage range. It would help if you also used a scope, since the 74U’s iron sights are more SMG-suited, rather than getting kills from 38 meters onwards. Something like a holographic should be fine, such as the The XTEN Angel-40 is a great holographic with a built in range finder. You may find you have recoil issues, so, if you do, swap your Rear Grip for the RPK Factory stock to get better accuracy and recoil control. Note you lose your ADS speeds, so you will have to learn to pre-aim better for this challenge, but that’s fine since you’re looking at long angles anyway. Lastly, we recommend going into Invasion mode. These maps tend to be more open at times, so, you’re more likely to encounter long-range kills on the mode, rather than on quick-play maps.

For those gunning for the Kastov 74U Polyatomic Camo Challenge in MW2, you need to score headshots. For this challenge, we recommend using any of the strategies you have found comfortable so far. We recommend returning to the balanced build listed earlier and getting good at ADS speeds. Now play those angles and try to get headshots, or go back to the run-and-gun and spray into their heads instead. Try to use contested areas to get kills, as you did for the double kills, as you can likely spray transfer into headshots too.

This concludes the Kastov 74U Camo Challenges. We will update this page when we learn more about the Orion challenge, and offer tips and strategies for getting that.

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