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Best LM-S Loadout in MW2: Best Class, Perks, and Attachments

Craig Robinson

The LM-S is a marksman rifle in Modern Warfare 2, which offers players precision and damage in a deadly duette. Players looking for that strong gameplay, accurate gameplay, similar to that of the M1 Garand from Vanguard, then the LM-S is the gun for you. Here is the best LM-S loadout in MW2, along with the best class and perks for the loadout.

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Here is a look at the best LM-S Loadout in MW2, along with the best LM-S Class and perks in MW2.

The best LM-S Loadout in MW2

The best LM-S Loadout for your LMS-S will offer your weapon solid recoil control, allowing you to stay on target. Moreso, you also want to control your accuracy and weapon flinch, so your rounds don’t skew from where they should be going.

  • Muzzle: Sakin 40 Compensator
  • Underbarrel: Pineapple
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock
  • Optic of choice
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10 Rear Grip

Compensator adds control to your muzzle climb, controlling your recoil. It is a needed attachment to control that vertical recoil.

The core strength of the Pineapple improves the gun kick, which helps to stabilize your aim, along with ADS Steadiness while walking.

The FT Mobile Stock is a great pickup to regain some of your lost ADS Speed and aim for walking speed. It comes at a cost of recoil control and aiming stability, but your Pineapple and Compensator are great ways to offset the loss.

Another valuable attachment is the TCG-10 Rear Grip, which adds more recoil control to your build. You should now have pinpoint accuracy while scoped in.

Lastly, you want an optic of choice. This really depends on you, but a shorter range sight of comfort is good since you’re running a mobile stock. Though, the hybrid scopes are decent for longer-range angles too.

The Best LM-S Class in MW2

Now onto your wider class set-up, we recommend running the following facets to your class.

  • Secondary: X13 Auto or Expedite 12
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades or Medical Syringe
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

Your secondary depends on if you take Overkill or not. If you don’t, you can use the X13 Auto, as the rate of fire on that is great, especially if you have already managed to land one round on a target. It makes the perfect close-range auto pistol for securing kills. If you do take Overkill, then the Expedite 12’s close-range hip-fire will work a charm when enemies push past your desired marksman range. It is even better for when you can get in cover and surprise them with the shotty.

Your throwables of choice are the Flash grenade and Semtex. Flash and Semtex are a great pairing for flushing enemies out of cover, along with pushing any objectives or angles. Medical Syringe if you want some regen on the move and don’t want to use Quick Fix perk.

As for your Field Upgrade, Dead Silence or Portable Radar are great choices. Dead Silence if you like running around and need to creep up on an objective or someone. Meanwhile, portable Radar benefits the players holding an objective or need another angle covering and want more info before they make a decision.

These options are what you should be thinking about to create the best LM-S class in MW2. You can even swap them around, depending on game mode and map.

Best LM-S Perks in MW2

Now onto the best perks for LM-S in MW2. Your options are:

  • Basic Perk 1: Overkill
  • Basic Perk 2: Scavenger
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands or Quick Fix
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost

Overkill is recommended for that fantastic secondary weapon option for close-range support. We recommend the Expedite 12, but you can use anything to suit your preference.
The other basic perk you want for the LM-S loadout is the Scavenger perk. The reason is to allow you to recover ammo while on the move. Since you benefit from a mobile stock, you can easily get to picking ammo up, and resupplying your low ammo magazines.

The desirable Bonus Perk is the Quick Fix or the Fast Hands perk. These are two great perks for your LM-S loadout, as Quick Fix improves your HP recovery. If you’re fragging out, this greatly helps your life expectancy and wracks those killstreaks up. Meanwhile, the Fast Hands is a great perk for making sure you can reload your low-capacity magazines fast, or switching o your secondary as fast as possible in those heated moments. Both are great picks, though it does on your preference.

Your ideal ultimate perk is Ghost. UAVs and other tracking aspects are ever present on MW2. So, Ghost gives you a helping hand with staying off the minimap to UAVs. It makes a great addition to Dead Silence as you get even more stealthy movement.

This concludes the best LM-S loadout in Modern Warfare 2. You can now go freely and two-tap enemy players across the map with your extremely well-controlled recoil and aiming stability.


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