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Signal 50 Camo Challenges & Tips for Completing Them

Craig Robinson

The Signal 50 is a strong calibre rifle that is great for picking off enemies at a distance. It’s fairly easy to read the scope in your Ground war and Invasion mode snipe-offs, and with the right setup, it can be useful for fast ADS kill and short-range fights in your 6v6 experience. You will do a bit of both to get through these Signal 50 camo challenges. Here’s a closer look at the Signal 50 camo challenges, and some tips, tricks, loadouts and map strategies to getting these done.

Here is a look at the MW2 Signal 50 camo challenges, including tips and tricks on completing them.

MW2 Signal 50 Camo Challenges Tips

Challenge Requirement Camo reward
Challenge 1 Get 50 kills with the Signal 50 Gladiator
Challenge 2 Get 2 kills within 10 seconds of each other 10 times with the Signal 50 Unearthed
Challenge 3 Get 30 kills while prone with the Signal 50 Earthbound
Challenge 4 Get 25 one-shot kills with the Signal 50 Spectrums
Gold Challenge Get three kills without dying ten times Gold Camo
Platinum Challenge 20 longshots with the Signal 50 Platinum Camo
Polyatomic Challenge 20 headshots with the Signal 50 Polyatomic
Orion Challenge Complete 51 Polyatomic challenges Orion Camo

For the most part, the first and final camo challenges for the Signal 50 are easy to get. This weapon will one shot to the upper body and head at near-enough all ranges. You can do this on your 6v6 maps, or snipe other players in Ground War if you want to.

As for the second challenge, this is much easier to do on the 6v6 maps. The maps are much smaller and more focused, rather than very large, and the 20 players are spread about. We also recommend going into games like hardpoint or headquarters. You are likely to catch players running to the objective or trying to flank, which means you can get a few kills within 10 seconds fairly quickly.

We also recommend using the following loadout, but only when you unlock the required attachments:

  • Laser FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Optic: reflex or holographic optic of choice
  • Stock: SO Inline Stock
  • Rear Grip: SA Finesse Grip, or Stalwart Grip if you hate flinching with snipers.

This build turns your sniper rifle into a MM rifle, similar to how the SA-B plays. However, much slower thanks to the weight of the Signal 50. In turn, it means you remove that awkward scope for indoor settings. The ADS improvements make it much more likely you can content in tighter spaces, but we e still recommend pre-aiming your shots. Now you need to overlook those objective or key map rotation angles, and get those two kills within ten seconds.

As for the third challenge, you need to get kills while prone. You can do this on Ground War if you want to, lying down with a bipod underbarrel covering objectives, or sniping enemies while you’re prone on a roof. Alternatively, you can use the ADS build listed above and start dolphin diving, drop-shotting and one-shot-killing enemies on 6v6 maps. You can also hold angles to the objective while prone to get kills while their aim is pre-placed to heads or upper bodies rather than the floor.

Signal 50 Gold Camo Challenge and Higher Mastery Level Challenges

Moving onto the Signal 50 Gold Camo Challenge in MW2, you need three kills without dying. You can do what you prefer with the sniper rifle for this challenge. Go to Ground War and hunt for players, using those Spotter Scopes and easy-to-read scopes for long-distance shots. Or, enjoy that close-range ADS build, and get those frags, similar to how you looked to get the two kills within ten seconds challenge. Both of these are viable.

Moving onto the Signal 50 Platinum Camo Challenge in MW2, you need 20 longshot kills. The answer to this is, once again, go to Ground War. Sniper rifles need to get kills on enemies 50+ meters away for it to count as a longshot kill. Most of the small maps struggle to support snipers here, bar a few, such as Santa Sena Border Crossing, and some long-distance areas of El Asilo and the Embassy. Instead, go to Ground War, and look for sniper on the other end of the map. You will likely find you can easily get 100+ meter kills with a snipe. Just make sure to use the mill dots to adjust for bullet drop.

Once you can unlock the Raptor-FVM40, which is likely to unlock with the Victus XMR, you can use this scope to work out bullet drop range for very long-distance sniping and accounting for bullet drop easily.

As for the Signal 50 Polyatomic Camo Challenge in MW2, you now need to get headshots. Honestly, you can do whatever you prefer once again. Go back to long-range sniping, and look for glinting headshots against other snipers. It’s not too hard to do if the enemy is less than 100 meters away, especially if their head is easily exposed. Alternatively, you can use the ADS build and look for head height angles. We also recommend using a 4x scope on this just so the head image is much clearer than the rest of the body. Use whichever one you prefer, and enjoy the headshot grind. Note the close-range ADS playstyle on hardpoint and headquarters is probably faster, but doing it at a comfortable place is equally just as fine.

This concludes the MW2 Signal 50 camo challenge guide. Good luck implementing these tips and enjoying the varied playstyles you need for the challenges.


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