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Best Vaznev 9K Loadout in MW2: Best Class, Perks & Attachments

Craig Robinson

The Vaznev 9K is a high-powered SMG, unlocked via the Kastov weapon line in MW2. It is becoming one of the SMG of choices, thanks to its ability for the player to fly around the map, and deal lots of damage, with very few attachments required. It is now coming under the attention of the pros in the early meta. Let’s look at the best Vaznev 9K Loadout in MW2 and the best Vaznev 9k class setup in MW2.

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Here is a look at the best Vaznev-9K loadout in MW2, along with the best Vaznev 9k class setup and more.

Best Vaznev 9K Loadout in MW2

Here are the attachments the pros are using to create the best Vaznev 9K loadout in MW2

  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85 Muzzle
  • Lazer: Schlager PEQ Bov IV
  • Rear Grip: True Tac Grip
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock

The majority of the pros run the muzzle, rear grip and stock to create an enhanced trio of movement speed, ADS speed, and recoil control improvements to create the best Vaznev 9K loadout in MW2. However, Shotzzy adds the Schlager PEQ for even more ADS improvements, but it comes at the cost of a visible ADS lazer.

You now have a fifth attachment spare for more common players in lobbies. If you want, go for an optic if you find you’re struggling to use the iron sights on this weapon. One of the red dot alternatives should be valuable.

Best Vaznev Class Setup in MW2

Now onto the best Vaznev 9K Class Setup in MW2. Players will want to use the following options.

  • Secondary: P890
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Semtex or Frag Grenades
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

The secondary of choice should be the P890. This pistol can be upgraded and modified to be good for recoil control, swap speed, and ADS speed. It’s a nice all arounder, which works with the Vaznev as it too as few weaknesses.

The go-to throwables of choice are, of course, Flash Grenades and Semtex. These are easy to throw and pop into rooms, objectives and other locations. You can also go forFrag Grenades too, which are nice additions if you’re on long-angle maps where the Semtex are less effective.

The final Field Upgrade of choice is Dead Silence. The Field Upgrade is a great addition, as the Vaznev is a very fast weapon. Getting around the map quicker and quieter offers the Vaznev loadout much more opportunity to take the frags.

Best Vaznev Perks in MW2

The most ideal perks to run in the best Vaznev Loadount in MW2 is as follows:

  • Basic 1: Double Time
  • Basic 2: Battle Hardened or Bomb Squad
  • Bonus: Focus
  • Ultimate: Ghost

The reason for these recommended basic perks are for a few reasons. Double Time is good for getting around the map for SMG players. It also serves a purpose with how many grenades get thrown your way so you can safely get away and catch someone in throwing animation. The Battle Hardened or Bomb Squad are preferences, thanks to how dominant these grenades are in-game. So take your pick at which one annoys to more, getting one shot by semtex or blinding forever by flashes.

The bonus of choice, at least for pro players, is Focus. This is to do with flinching, as most pro players use iron sights. However, you can go for something else if you wish.

As for the ultimate perk, Ghost and Quick Fix are two good options. Quick Fix is good for regenerating your health, and Ghost is great for avoiding the UAV spam. Pick your preference for this.

This concludes the best Vaznev 9K Loadout in MW2. Good luck out there using the Vaznev, which is slowly becoming one of the more popular and meta SMGs in the game.


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