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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Best Chimera Loadout and Class Setup in MW2: Short Range AR build

Craig Robinson

The Chimeras is the brand new short-range assault rifle added to the game as of the Season 01 Reloaded patch. The AR is a mobile gun, built to contend the SMG class, while also packing the punch you expect from your typical AR weapons. With that in mind, we are here to show you the best Chimera Loadout and Class Setup in MW2, so you can get this gun going.

Here is a look at the best short range Chimera Loadout for MW2.

Best Chimera Loadout in MW2

The best Chimera loadout we are building here today grants recoil control you naturally need on an assault rifle, while bolstering the weapons ADS speed, and movement benefits. This is important, as again, this is an AR, so it needs sits ADS improvements, and it also needs to benefit from recoil and sprint modifiers to make it a viable SMG contender. Therefore, the loadout you want to use is as follows:

  • Lazer: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Optic: Preference but we went with the Cronen Mini Pro
  • Stock: Ravage-8
  • Rear Grip: D37 Grip
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple

The general idea for this build is that you get sprint-to-fire modifiers from the VLK LZR, and the Ravage-8 Stock. You also get much-needed aiming stability, steadiness and recoil control from your grip, Pineapple, and LZR too. This grants the user a weapon that’s fairly easy to control. Its accuracy doesn’t sway much from where you’re aiming, and the recoil climb is not too difficult to manage. There are also some added hip fire bonuses, which are handy when you’re one handling your rifle, or you’ve run into someone and hipfire is the only option you have.

Tuning Attachments for the Chimera Loadout

Tuning your weapon helps to increase your spring-to-fire speed and aiming idle stability. It’s handy when you can sit still and aim at someone, making your gun even a lazer beam. The Sprint to Fire speed also helps to make your rifle a better SMG. Here are the tuning recommendations for the best Chimera loadout in MW2:

  • VX Pineapple: ADS Speed maxed
  • Ravage 8: Aiming Idle Stability maxed
  • D37: Kinda preferential, but we decided on Sprint to Fire since this does play like an SMG. But, if you want a lazer beam for accuracy and recoil, Aiming Stability is fine.

Best Chimera Class Setup in MW2

Here is an example of the class setup you might want to run in MW2 while using the Chimera AR.

Now it’s time for everything else to support your weapon

  • Secondary: Launcher, or Akimbo pistols that you like
  • Tactical: Stim Or Flash Grenades
  • Lethal: Drill charge, Semtex or Frag Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence, Battle Rage

Secondary Explained: We’ve given you personal preferences here for a good reason. You may take a launcher or pistols as your secondary weapon. Some akimbo pistols, like the X13 auto, for example, are actually boners good. Considering you’re running in gun blazing, switching to X13 akimbo pistols don’t change your playstyle too much, offering some more run and gun options for when your mag depletes. Or, you can use a launcher option and take care of annoying killstreaks, especially considering how easier they are to get on some maps and modes, and UAVs are always in the air.

Tactical: As for your tactical, you can either use stims or flash grenades. Stims can be the difference maker for staying alive and keeping your kill or scorestreaks wracking up. Since you’re playing a short-range role, you’re bound to get shot a few times. Moreso, you have hip fire control and accuracy improvement via your VX pineapple, so stimming up and fighting isn’t too terrible of an idea in close-range fights. Meanwhile, Flash Grenades are great for pushing sites and angles and making firefight more likely to go in your favor.

Lethal: Meanwhile, your lethal option is largely situational. Some maps have those annoying camper angles you have to deal with. So, Drill Charges are a good shout. Throw them at those camper containers on Shipments, or those sitting on in-door objectives and flush them out. You also have Semtex, which is designed for quick flush out or cheap kills. Frag Grenades are more tactical, as you can wall bounce them and get those stylish kills where Drill Charges and Semtex cannot. The choice is largely your preference, game mode, or map specific if you’re being optimal about your class setup.

Field Upgrade: Finally, we have your Field Upgrade. The most useful choice is Dead Silence, which you’ll run 90% of the time. As stated, the Chimera is a short-range AR build, designed with the sprint-to-fire in mind to get up close. So, Dead Silence is the obvious option for getting in close range and reducing your detection the best you can. Alternatively, we think something like Battle Rage is also okay in certain situations. It is basically a Stim, but it lasts much longer, so, when you get lots of hectic and short-range fights, such as Shipment, the Battle Rage field upgrade is efficient for preserving your life. It’s especially so when Dead Silence is pointless since the average life is like 5 seconds on that map anyway.

Best Chimera Perk in MW2

Now, it is time for the perks that fit with the best Chimers loadout in MW2.

  • Basic 1: Battle Hardened
  • Basic 2: Scavenger
  • Bonus: Focus or Fast Hands
  • Ultimate: Ghost

Basic Perk 1: Your two basic options are Battle Hardened and Scavenger. It is largely due to the value you get from Scavenger. You’re going to be picking up ammo from the floor quite a lot, thansk to being up close and personal with your kills. The result is that getting ammo pickups is not inconvenient, and helps stock up your ammo reserve as dwindling ammo reserves is a common reality otherwise.

Basic Perk 2: Your other basic perk option is Battle Hardened. MW2’s Flash Grenades are likely to increase eye clinic treatments and appointments in the next 12 months, so, this will help you have better chances of surviving flash grenade pushes, and saving your own eyesight too - jokes, but you get the point.

Bonus Perk: As for the Bonus Perk, you either want Fast Hands or Focus. Focus is helpful in reducing flinching while using ADS. Or, you can use Fast Hands to switch to your secondary and reload faster. It’s valuable, considering the fast action and close-quarters intensity granted by this weapon. Both perks increase your odds of winning fights, so go with your preference.

Ultimate Perk: Lastly, we have the Ultimate Perk. Ghost is your option here to conceal you from enemy UAV and other electronic scanning systems. You want to be off-radar as much as possible, and since you have a built-in silencer in the base barrel, you can easily go off the radar with Ghost. The result is you now have more options for getting around the map without detection, which is necessary to get into that short-range playstyle you need to excel with this gun.

This concludes our MW2 best Chimers loadout and class setup. Goodluck running around with this weapon, and enjoying the new short-range AR that you can use over the Kastov 74-U!

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