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Diablo II: Resurrected

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Meteor Frozen Orb Sorceress (Meteorb)

Nathan Garvin

Build information for the Meteorb Sorceress, including suggested skills, stat distribution and gear.

Meteorb Sorceress Pros

Dual element build means there are few foes she can’t kill.
Capable of farming most aLv85 areas.
Teleport enables quick traversal and enemy avoidance.
Low gear requirements.
Good at farming bosses, especially Andariel.

Meteorb Sorceress Cons

Somewhat squishy.
Slower kill rate than other characters, including Blizzard Sorceress.
Meteor can be tricky to aim.
Very difficult to defeat some end-game bosses, like Ubers.

The Meteorb Sorceress is an outgrowth of the Beginner Sorceress. After you’ve farmed Nightmare Mephisto for sufficient mid-tier gear, you should progress on with Nightmare difficulty. As you advance towards Hell difficulty, however, you should be thinking about diversifying into cold spells. You’ll need two elements to progress with any sort of ease through Hell difficulty, and Frozen Orb is… well, it’s an adequate fallback spell for fire immunes, especially with a limited investment of Skill Points.

The Meteorb Sorceress is a compromise. As far as pure farming goes, the Blizzard Sorceress is arguably better. Sure, she’s more limited in where she can farm, but those limitations include Hell Andariel, Mephisto, The Ancient Tunnels and The Secret Cow Level, so it’s not much of a handicap. In any event, it’s enough to farm for all the top-tier gear in the game, and while she might not be the absolute fastest, when it comes to low gear requirements and positive loot outcomes… arguably no class is better.

The Blizzard Sorceress, however, is a single-element character. You’ll regret trying to force your way through Hell difficulty with one element eventually, especially if you don’t have a group to help carry you through the areas filled with foes you can’t easily defeat. With two elements at her disposal, the Meteorb Sorceress will rarely encounter something she can’t kill; not only is it easier to start the game as a Fire Sorceress (a larval Meteorb Sorceress, in reality), it’s also easier to finish the game as one. Once you’ve completed the game, you can always respec into a Blizzard Sorceress for the final magic finding phase of this character’s career.

Once you stack enough decent +Resistance, +Life and +Magic Find charms and +Skill gear, you can sacrifice combat potency in favor of more Magic Find, substituting better gear for Chance Guards, Goldwrap and Nagelrings. Confident in your power, you can start doing runs in aLv85 areas like the The Pit, the Mausoleum, Ancient Tunnels and the Chaos Sanctuary, where most gear and runes in the game can drop. A good number of hours spent farming Mephisto and Andariel on Nightmare and Hell difficulty and you’ll find yourself awash in enough gear to build - at least to a moderate degree of competence - most character builds in the game, which is one of the greatest perks of playing a Sorceress.

Meteorb Sorceress - Skills

Despite being called the Meteorb Sorceress, her primary damage-dealing spell is Fireball. Unlike Meteor, it costs less Mana, can be more easily targeted, has no cooldown and fires instantly when cast. Of course, if there are enemies that are overly stationary, don’t be afraid to hit them with Meteor - those Abyss Knights in the River of Flame are just asking for it.

You’ll focus on fire spells throughout Normal difficulty and the first half of Nightmare, switching to cold spells around Lv50 as you start progressing towards Hell difficulty. Frozen Orb is reserved for enemies who are immune to fire, or enemies who are fast, small and numerous (Flayers and Leapers, for example). Its damage is pretty paltry compared to Fireball, but for a skill you’re only investing 20+ points into (including prerequisites), it’ll fulfill its limited role admirably.

Meteorb Sorceress Suggested Skills

Meteorb Sorceress Level-by-Level Skills

Meteorb Sorceress - Stats

Like most MF-focused characters, the Meteorb is a simple creature when it comes to stats: She needs enough Strength wear her gear, which in this case will likely be a Spirit Monarch. This chonk weighs in at a hefty 156 Strength, but once this goal is met, the rest of her Stat Points go into Vitality.

Meteorb Sorceress Level-by-Level Stats

Lv Stat
2 - 9 Strength +40 (50)
10 - 29 Vitality +100 (110)
30 - 39 Strength +50 (100)
40 - 44 Vitality +25 (135)
Lam Esen’s Tome Vitality +5 (115)
45 - 54 Strength +50 (150)
55+ Vitality (250+)

Meteorb Sorceress - Gear

One of the perks of the Sorceress is she’s relatively easy to gear up. While expensive runewords like Enigma, Chains of Honor and, to a lesser degree, Heart of the Oak are all worth considering if you’re fabulously wealthy, you’ll do just fine without them. In fact, a Meteorb Sorceress is doing pretty well with a Skin of the Vipermagi (or a Skullder’s Ire, if you want more Magic Find), Magefist, a Spirit sword and shield (or an Oculus and Lidless Wall, if you prefer), War Travelers and perhaps some Tal Rasha’s set items.

Most of this gear you can find by doing relatively easy Nightmare Mephisto runs, and once you accumulate a good collection this (or comparable) gear, you can move on to Hell Mephisto, who may yield a Harlequin Crest or even an Arachnid Mesh. Hell Andariel is fairly easy for a Meteorb Sorceress, and she can yield many of the same items as Nightmare/Hell Mephisto, but has a good chance of dropping jewelry - with much luck, perhaps even a Stone of Jordan.

The Meteorb Sorceress covets gear with +Skills, as her damage will be largely determined by the sLv of her spells. Items that boost fire damage or reduce enemy fire resistance are also useful, albeit less common. Faster Cast Rate is also useful, as it’ll allow for faster casting of Fire Ball and Teleport (Meteor and Frozen Orb have cooldowns, making cast rate somewhat redundant). You’ll eventually want to shoot for a total of +63% or +105% Faster Cast Rate, as these are the [breakpoints] at which frames are dropped from the casting animation - resulting in faster casting times. The maximum useful cast rate for the Meteorb Sorceress is at +200% Faster Cast Rate, which will take a whole lot of effort to reach for very little noticeable gain - +63% or +105% are far more reasonable.

After +Skills and Faster Cast Rate, the Sorceress needs gear that provides universally useful boosts, like +Resistances, +Life, +Mana and +Attributes. Of course, once you’re powerful enough to clear areas with some speed you’ll want to start sacrificing some survivability or power for Magic Find - how much Magic Find you aim for depends on where you’re farming, what other gear you have, and what you feel comfortable with, although +300% Magic Find is a pretty good goal for serious farming.

Simply put, the Meteorb Sorceress is spoiled for choice when it comes to gear, depending on whether you’d rather focus on kill rate, MF, or some compromise between the two. Best of all, she can acquire all of this gear herself, with very easy-to-obtain equipment, by just doing boss runs.

Meteorb Sorceress Helmets

Helmet Notes
Harlequin Crest +2 Skills, +Life/Mana per Level, Damage Reduced 10%, +50% Magic Find
Tarnhelm +1 Skills, +25-50% Magic Find
Peasant Crown +1 Skills, +Run/Walk Speed, +Vitality/Energy
Lore +1 Skills, +10 Energy, +2 Mana/Kill, +Lightning Resist +30%

Meteorb Sorceress Amulets

Amulet Notes
Mara’s Kaleidoscope +2 Skills, All Resistances +20-30%, +5 All Attributes
Tal Rasha’s Adjudication +2 Sorceress Skills, +50 Life, +42 Mana, Lightning Resist +33%
Magic/Rare +Skills, +Caster Rate, +Life, +Mana, +Resists

Meteorb Sorceress Weapons

Weapon Notes
Heart of the Oak +3 Skills, +40% Cast Rate, +10 Dexterity, Max Mana +15%, All Resistances +30%-40%
Eschuta’s Temper +1-3 Sorceress Skills, +40% Cast Rate, +10-20% Lightning Skill Damage, +10-20% Fire Skill Damage, +20-30 Energy
The Oculus +3 Sorceress Skills, +30% Cast Rate, +20 Vitality, +20 Energy, All Resistances +20, 50% Magic Find
Spirit +2 Skills, +25-35 Cast Rate, +55% Hit Recovery, +22 Vitality, +89-112 Mana

Meteorb Sorceress Armor

Armor Notes
Enigma +2 Skills, +45% Run/Walk Speed, +1 Teleport, +Strength per Level, +5% Max Life, Damage Reduced 8%, +Magic Find per Level
Chains of Honor +2 Skills, +20 Strength, All Resistances +65, Damage Reduced 8%, +25% Magic Find
Skin of the Vipermagi +1 Skills, +30% Cast Rate, All Resistances +20-35
Skullder’s Ire +1 Skills, +Magic Find per Level

Meteorb Sorceress Shields

Shield Notes
Spirit +2 Skills, +25-35 Cast Rate, +55% Hit Recovery, +22 Vitality, +89-112 Mana Cold, Lightning, Poison Resist +35%
Lidless Wall +1 Skills, +20% Cast Rate, +10 Energy, Max Mana 10%

Meteorb Sorceress Gloves

Gloves Notes
Magefist +1 Fire Skills, +20% Cast Rate, Regenerate Mana +25%
Trang-Oul’s Claws +20% Cast Rate, Cold Resist +30%
Frostburn Max Mana +40%
Chance Guards +25-40% Magic Find

Meteorb Sorceress Rings

Rings Notes
Stone of Jordan +1 Skills, +20 Mana, Max Mana +25%
Nagelring +15-30% Magic Find
Magic/Rare +Caster Rate, +Life, +Mana, +Resists

Meteorb Sorceress Belts

Belt Notes
Arachnid Mesh +1 Skills, +20% Cast Rate, Max Mana +5%
Verdungo’s Hearty Cord +30-40 Vitality, Damage Reduced 10-15%
String of Ears Damage Reduced 10-15%
Goldwrap Magic Find +30%

Meteorb Sorceress Boots

Boots Notes
War Travelers +25% Run/Walk, +Strength/Vitality, +30-50% Magic Find
Aldur’s Advance +40% Run/Walk, +50 Life, Fire Resist +40-50%
Sandstorm Trek +20% Run/Walk, +Strength/Vitality, Poison Reist +40-70%
Silkweave +30% Run/Walk, Max Mana +10%
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