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Chaos Sanctuary

Nathan Garvin

This page contains information about the Chaos Sanctuary in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including details about the enemies you can encounter, their immunities, how to reach this area, and what builds/characters are most effective at farming it.

Location Champion/Unique Mobs Special
Act 4 6 - 7 3 Super Uniques, Diablo

The demesne of Diablo is, unsurprisingly, one of the game’s aLv85 areas in Diablo 2: Resurrected, which means that almost every item in the game can drop there (for more information on how drops work, check out the aptly-named page How Magic Find and Item Drops Work page). Its location is static, there are three Super Uniques and a Boss to kill in the Chaos Sanctuary and the enemy density is good. The only real downside to the Chaos Sanctuary is the enemy difficulty; foes within are varied in their resistances and - largely thanks to the Oblivion Knight - somewhat challenging. Still, it’s a fine spot to run for characters who are up to the task.

You'll have to cross the northern end of the River of Flame to reach the cavernous maw of the Chaos Sanctuary.

How to Find the Chaos Sanctuary

To reach the Chaos Sanctuary, you just need to travel to the River of Flame Waypoint and head northeast. After traversing some admittedly annoying platforms (fortunately the enemies in the River of Flame are all aLv85, too) you’ll reach the door to the Chaos Sanctuary.

While the River of Flame is indeed an aLv85 area, it’s generally not viewed as a prime farming spot due to its lack of enemy density and nuisance layout. Instead of trying to enhance the Chaos Sanctuary run by dipping your toes in the River of Flame, it’s generally best to just teleport from the Waypoint to the Chaos Sanctuary… perhaps stopping to pick on any Uniques/Champions you spot along the way.

| Doom Knight | Fire |
| Oblivion Knight | Cold |
| Storm Caster | Lightning |
| Venom Lord | Fire |

The curses uttered by Oblivion Knights make every enemy in the Chaos Sanctuary more dangerous.

Denizens of the Chaos Sanctuary

The minions attending Diablo’s court are invariable; you’ll always encounter Doom Knights, Oblivion Knights, Storm Casters and Venom Lords, and between the four of these foes they’ve got immunities to fire, lightning and cold covered. This can make it tricky for some characters to clear the area, although in practice, characters dependent on fire damage will have the most difficult time.

Enemy immunities aside, the Oblivion Knight is arguably the most dangerous foe in the Chaos Sanctuary, mostly due to the curses they inflict. These include Decrepify, which will lower your movement and attack speed (but not cast rate), Amplify Damage, which will reduce your physical resistance by 100%, and Lower Resist, which will significantly lower your resistances to fire, lightning, cold and poison damage. Simply put, they’ll increase the damage you take from various sources, but their debilitation to melee warriors is far more crippling. Aside from the Oblivion Knight, the Venom Lord can breathe fire and the Storm Caster can drain Mana with their homing projectiles.

(1 of 3) To face Diablo, you'll have to open five seals and defeat their guardians, including the Grand Vizier of Chaos,

There are between 6 - 7 champion/unique mobs in the Chaos Sanctuary, not including Diablo’s three Super Uniques and Diablo himself. These three Super Uniques are released when you activate the five seals found at the extremities of the Chaos Sanctuary, so you can choose when, exactly, you wish to fight them. You must open all five seals and defeat all three Super Uniques to spawn Diablo. The three Super Uniques are The Grand Vizier of Chaos (a Storm Caster), Lord de Seis (an Oblivion Knight) and the Infector of Souls (a Venom Lord). Each spawns with a mob of minions of the same type, save Lord de Seis, who spawns with a host of Doom Knights.

Best Characters to Farm the Chaos Sanctuary

As with most prime farming spots, casters rule the roost. In the Chaos Sanctuary, this is partly due to the Oblivion Knight’s penchant for casting Decrepify, which will slow all attackers - even bow-users. Suffice to say, having to use a weapon of any kind isn’t ideal, even moreso if you have to get close to your enemies.

The Sorceress makes a solid case for herself, as Teleport will allow her to bypass the River of Flame, not to mention nuisance enemies in the Chaos Sanctuary itself. High-tier gear may be required to clear the Chaos Sanctuary with any ease or speed, although the Meteorb Sorceress can technically handle anything thrown at her here, and the Blizzard Sorceress only has to worry about Oblivion Knights, which can be killed with a competent mercenary or ignored.

Once you’ve got top-tier gear like [Enimga], more doors open up. The Summon Necromancer and Poison Necromancer always have a relatively easy time with the Chaos Sanctuary, but giving them the ability to teleport makes clearing the Chaos Sanctuary a fairly quick task. A Hammerdin with good resistances, max block and perhaps a Call to Arms will also excel provided with an [Enimga]. Lightning builds like the Javazon and Lightning Sorceress are probably going to want an [Infinity], which is quite expensive.

All in all, the Chaos Sanctuary is a high-level dungeon that, while not too difficult for most characters to clear, to do so quickly (under four minutes or so) and safely, you’ll need expensive gear. A dungeon for more established characters, to be sure.


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