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Worldstone Keep

Nathan Garvin

This page contains information about the Worldstone Keep in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including details about the enemies you can encounter, their immunities, how to reach this area, and what builds/characters are most effective at farming it.

Location Champion/Unique Mobs Special
Act 5 22 - 29 5 Super Uniques, Baal

Baal’s bastion, the Worldstone Keep consists of three levels, plus the Throne of Destruction, all of which are aLv85 areas and hence, prime farming grounds, as almost every item in the game can drop in these areas (for more information on how drops work, check out the aptly-named page How Magic Find and Item Drops Work page). It is perhaps the most difficult area in the game to farm, although the high density of champion/unique mobs - not to mention the five Super Uniques who guard Baal, and, of course, Baal himself - may tempt well-equipped characters.

How to Find the Worldstone Keep

Gaining access to the Worldstone Keep is the goal of Act 5, and you’ll need to defeat the Ancients and complete the quest Rite of Passage to do so. Once done, you can simply claim the Waypoint on the Worldstone Keep Level 2 to return there at any time. This obviously makes reaching the Worldstone Keep a trivial matter, although some backtracking will be in order if you wish to clear all the areas.

Worldstone Keep Level 1

Monster Immunities
Black Lancer Lightning
Fetid Defiler Poison
Flesh Beast Cold
Flesh Spawner Cold
Ghoul Lord Cold
Invader Cold
Menace Worm Cold
Soul Killer Fire
Soul Killer Shaman Fire
Unholy Corpse Poison
Vile Witch Cold
Zealot Lightning

Worldstone Keep Level 2

Monster Immunities
Black Soul Lightning, Poison
Cadaver Poison
Fiend Lightning
Frenzied Ice Spawn Cold
Greater Hell Spawn Cold
Horadrim Ancient Magic
Horror Mage Poison
Serpent Magus Poison
Soul Killer Fire
Steel Scarab Lightning

Worldstone Keep Level 3

Monster Immunities
Anguish Worm Cold
Blood Boss Cold
Death Lord Fire
Demon Sprite Fire
Doom Knight Fire
Fire Boar Fire
Hell Temptress Physical
Horror Mage Lightning, Poison
Oblivion Knight Cold
Rancid Defiler Poison
Soul Killer Fire
Soul Killer Shaman Fire
Specter Lightning, Poison
Storm Caster Lightning

Throne of Destruction

Monster Immunities
Assailant Fire
Burning Soul Lightning, Poison
Dark Lord Cold
Death Lord Fire
Doom Knight Fire
Horadrim Ancient Magic
Hell Witch Cold
Oblivion Knight Cold
Pit Lord Fire
Serpent Magus Poison
Undead Soul Killer Poison

Denizens of the Worldstone Keep

Nowhere else in the game will you find a more varied bunch of foes than in the Worldstone Keep, mostly due to the “guest monsters” feature of Act 5. Despite the number of enemies that can spawn, in any single game you’ll only see 3 - 5 different enemies on each level (typically three, but some enemies spawn together - if you encounter Hierophants, Zealots will be with them, if you encounter Flesh Spawners, they’ll create Flesh Beasts, and so on). Given the sheer variety of foes, every type of immunity in the game can be represented in the Worldstone Keep, with magical and physical immunes being the rarest, while cold, lightning, fire and poison immunes being capable of spawning on every floor.

Black Souls/Burning Souls are some of the most obnoxious foes in the game, especially these high-level variants. If your lightning resistance isn’t topped off and you possess less than 1,200 Life, you’re going to suffer something awful as these ghosts are fond of floating offscreen and turreting you with lightning bolts. Turning a corner and running into a unique Willowisp and its minions can be a painful experience. This isn’t to downplay the punishment Serpent Magi can deal with their charge attacks and Bonespears, nor the silly poison damage that Horror Mages can inflict, but at least those tend to not attack you from off-screen. Frenzied Ice Spawns are also annoying enemies, mostly because they’re a waste of time, since they don’t drop loot.

The worst enemies from the Chaos Sanctuary are also retained by Baal - the Oblivion Knights, and they can still hinder you with the curses they inflict, although the danger of these curses varies based on what spawns with them. Having Oblivion Knights tossing around Lower Resist or Amplify Damage in the Throne of Destruction alongside Burning Souls and Undead Soul Killers is not a fun experience.

There are between 6 - 8 champion/unique mobs on each floor of the Worldstone Keep, with an extra 4 -5 in the Throne of Destruction. In addition, you’ll have to fight five waves of Super Uniques in order to fight Baal:

  • Colenzo the Annihilator: Always Fire Enchanted and fire immune.
  • Achmel the Cursed: Always Poison Enchanted and immune to poison. Also immune to magic in Hell difficulty. Minions are immune to cold.
  • Bartuc the Bloody: Always Lightning Enchanted, no inherent immunities, but highly resistant to lightning damage.
  • Ventar the Unholy: Always Extra Fast, highly resistant to fire and poison and immune to poison in Hell difficulty.
  • Lister the Tormentor: Always has Spectral Hit, highly resistant to fire, cold and poison, immune to fire in Hell difficulty.

They can prove to be a fine source of loot in their own right, and if you’re doing all the work to reach Baal, you may as well kill him, too.

Best Characters to Farm the Chaos Sanctuary

There’s no great answer here, as all immunities are represented by the monsters in the Worldstone Keep. A Sorceress can simply bypass troublesome foes/areas, but a Hammerdin with Enigma is probably the best choice. They’re good at killing Baal and his minions, there are relatively few magic immunes, and if you can teleport, you can ignore what you can’t kill. Also, the Worldstone Keep isn’t cramped enough to inhibit Blessed Hammer. A well equipped Wind Druid is a potent enough dual damage threat to deal with almost anything, while a well-equipped Trap Assassin also has enough damage options to deal with the worst immunes.

Either way, Worldstone Keep runs on Hell difficulty aren’t for the poorly-equipped or the faint of heart.


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