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Diablo II: Resurrected

How to Farm The Council in Travincal

Nathan Garvin

This page contains information about the Travincal area in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including details about the enemies you can encounter, their immunities, how to reach this area, and what builds/characters are most effective at farming it.

Travincal is the penultimate area in Act 3, from which you can access the three levels of the Durance of Hate, at the bottom of which dwells Mephisto. No bosses dwell in Travincal, nor is it an Area Level (aLv) 85 area. The one reason to return here after clearing the main quest objective is the Council, a collection of three Super Uniques and their minions. As an aLv82 areas midway through the game, you shouldn’t expect the same range of drops you can find in [aLv85 areas[(https://www.gamerguides.com/diablo-ii-resurrected/guide/where-to-farm/level-85-areas/level-85-areas-overview), but the high density of Super Uniques makes Travincal a fine place to hunt for runes (up to Jah), gems, charms and whatever unique and set items the Council can drop, which are roughly the same as what Hell Mephisto can drop, albeit with far less regularity.

Travincal is connected to Upper Kurast via the Kurast Causeway. It’s one of the more static areas in the game, with a waypoint always located just west of where The Council resides.

How to Find Travincal

Travincal is always northeast of Upper Kurast, and both areas have Waypoints, making them easy to return to. Travincal is especially easy to navigate, as its Waypoint is in a fixed location (just like the Waypoint in the Cold Plains, River of Flame and Frigid Highlands), in this case being near the northwestern edge of Travincal. The entrance to the Durance of Hate - around which the Council dwells - can be found to the east of Travincal’s Waypoint. Even characters without [Enigma] can run from the Waypoint to the Council without much time or fuss.

Monster Immunities
Council Member Fire or Lightning
Hierophant Cold
Night Lord Cold
Water Watcher Poison
Zealot Lightning
Super Unique Immunities Modifiers
Geleb Flamefinger Fire, Lightning Fire Enchanted
Ismail Vilehand Fire Cursed
Toorc Icefist Fire, Cold Cold Enchanted

Denizens of Travincal

Most of the denizens of Travincal don’t really matter - your goal is to ignore them so you can harvest the Council, not deal with random critters along the way. If the game you’re in spawns with an annoying distribution of enemies, try and ignore them or quit and run another game. It is worth noting, however, that between the Hierophants, Night Lords and Water Watchers you’ll likely have to face all the primary elements - fire, cold, lightning and poison.

The Council itself is generally less diverse, primarily delighting in showing you their mastery of the Hydra skill, but in Hell difficulty, with three Super Uniques each possessing several modifiers, you should expect to face Fire Enchanted, Cold Enchanted and Lightning Enchanted foes every run.

Suffice to say, your resistances - especially fire resistance - needs to be up to snuff if you want to be able to farm Travincal with any reasonable amount of speed or ease.

On the other side of the coin, the Council will always be immune to fire, with Geleb Flamefinger being immune to lightning and Toorc Icefist being immune to cold as well. Of course, given random modifiers you can expect Ismail Vilehand to have a second immunity, as well. The Council Member minions will be either fire immune or lightning immune. This makes cold, poison, magic and physical damage your best options for defeating the Council.

More on that later, but for now, just be wary of the highly variable modifiers the Council’s Super Uniques can possess and how these can modulate the difficulty of any particular run. If one of the Council spawns with Aura Enchanted (Conviction), it’ll make things far, far more difficult, as your resistances will be reduced, making an elemental-heavy encounter more painful. Pick your battles - and your targets - as best you can, and be prepared to withdraw if you come under too much fire. Perhaps literally.

(1 of 2) A high-end Hammerdin can also brave the perils and defeat The Council, but the terrain does tend to obstruct them somewhat.

A high-end Hammerdin can also brave the perils and defeat The Council, but the terrain does tend to obstruct them somewhat. (left), The Blizzard Sorceress’s hit-and-run style of combat is uniquely suited for Travincal runs. (right)

Best Characters to Farm Travincal

Due to their innate resistances, characters who focus primarily on fire and lightning damage aren’t the best choices for Travincal runs. Despite the fact that there’s usually at least one cold immune (likely two any time Ismail Vilehand spawns with “Cold Enchanted”), a Blizzard Sorceress can knock usually out enemies quick enough to allow a decently-equipped mercenary to mop up… and if things are going poorly, she can always teleport to a more advantageous spot.

While any incredibly well-equipped Blizzard Sorceress can clear Travincal with some ease and speed, Travincal is one of the areas where the long-suffering Whirlwind Barbarian excels, and they’re arguably the top choice for these runs. Since the Council is usually clumped into a group or two, they’re easy pickings for such a Barbarian, provided his resistances are up to snuff. A Poison Necromancer and a Hammerdin are also good secondary choices.

Although the Whirlwind Barbarian arguably clears Travincal more efficiently than other builds, Travincal is (ideally) such a short run that it’s best to clear as a precursor to something more substantial. Since the Blizzard Sorceress is such a competent Magic Find character, we usually just use her to clear Travincal (and Pindle for that matter) before moving onto Mephisto or the Ancient Tunnels.

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