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The Pit

Nathan Garvin

This page contains information about The Pit in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including details about the enemies you can encounter, their immunities, how to reach this area, and what builds/characters are most effective at farming it.

Location Champion/Unique Mobs Special
Act 1 - Tamoe Highlands 8 - 11

The Pit is an Area Level (aLv) 85 area in Diablo 2: Resurrected, which means that almost every item in the game can drop there (for more information on how drops work, check out the aptly-named page How Magic Find and Item Drops Work page). Because of its lucrative drop potential, The Pit, like many aLv85 areas, is on the short list of prime farming spots in the game. In fact, The Pit is near the top of this list due to its easy-to-find location, its population of predictable, relatively low-threat monsters and its enemy density.

How to Find The Pit

The Pit is a dungeon in the Tamoe Highland, which you can reach easily enough by using a Waypoint to reach the Outer Cloister. From there, just head south the exit the Monastery and follow the road - it’ll lead you to The Pit, or the Black Marsh, if you take a wrong turn. Either way, a nearby Waypoint and road that leads to this dungeon make it easy to quickly reach.

(1 of 2) The Pit is a dungeon in the Tamoe Highland.

The Pit is a dungeon in the Tamoe Highland. (left), While the enemies within have varied immunities, their density and lack of difficulty makes them fairly easy to kill en masse. (right)

Denizens of The Pit

Monster Immunities
Bone Warrior Cold
Dark Archer Lightning
Dark Stalker Cold
Devilkin Fire
Devilkin Shaman Fire

There’s a diverse selection of critters dwelling in The Pit, exclusively composed of Act 1 monsters. An obvious downside to this diversity means numerous resistances, and you’ll find foes immune to the three prime elements: fire, lightning and cold, which can make life difficult for Sorceresses. Another complication are the Bone Warriors - undead that’ll bother leech-dependant characters - and archers which can be a nuisance in general. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, however, as the denizens of The Pit are, all things considered, not that great of a threat.

The enemy density in The Pit is fairly good, as far as aLv85 areas go, especially when the dungeon spawns with camps of Devilkin. The Pit is composed of two levels, the first (and larger) of which contains 6 - 8 mobs of champions/uniques, while the second contains an additional 2 - 3 mobs and a super chest.

The Pit consists of two levels, on the second of which you'll find a super chest.

Best Characters to Farm The Pit

Despite being host to enemies possessing numerous immunities, The Pit can be run by any two-element character, or any character whose primary damage is physical, magic or poison. This excludes the Lightning Sorceress and Blizzard Sorceress, but few other characters. The Hammerdin and Poison Necromancer are arguably the top-tier builds for farming The Pit, especially if they have [Enigma]


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