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Diablo II: Resurrected

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Nathan Garvin

The Insight runeword requires a 4-socket staff or polearm as a base, and considering the boons provided by the Spirit runeword, most casters would rather have two of those (a sword and a shield) than carry around a staff or polearm. Note that spears (Spear, Trident, Brandistock, Spetum, Pike) do not count as polearms (Bardiche, Voulge, Scythe, Poleaxe, Halberd, War Scythe), and will not serve as a base for the Insight runeword.

As far as stats go, Insight is something of an oddity, as it provides a hefty bonus to Attack Rating, Enhanced Damage and Cast Rate, suggesting it’s a weapon for a hybrid warrior/caster… not a good look in a game that rewards specialization. The most noteworthy boon provided by Insight, however, is the Level 12 - 17 Meditation aura it provides, which gives characters allied to the wielder anywhere from 575% to 700% faster Mana regeneration, depending on the aura’s level. With a high enough base Mana score, this aura can easily give a character an almost infinite supply of Mana - even without investing a single point into Energy, a Spirit weapon or shield (or both) and a Harlequin Crest is often enough to power a caster’s offense.

The upside of Meditation is considerable, but arguably not enough to compete with Spirit and various uniques. That’s where [Mercenaries] come in, as an Act 2 mercenary can greatly benefit from the damage on Insight, and grant the player with the weapon’s Meditation aura - you really can have your cake and eat it, too.

This is a popular option for casters of all stripes, and while some will ultimately want to upgrade to [Infinity], Insight is cheap and easy to make, ensuring it remains a staple for mid-level characters while retaining its utility indefinitely. It requires the Ral + Tir + Tal + Sol runes to be placed in an appropriate item in order. Sol is the rarest of these runes, and it’ll start dropping later in Normal difficulty, making the entire runeword incredibly easy to obtain… if all else fails, farming Nightmare Countess should get you the runes you need in short order.

An Insight runeword weapon.

Insight (RalTirTalSol)

Insight Stats

4-Socket Staves or Polearms
Damage weapon base
Durability weapon base
Required Strength weapon base
Required Dexterity weapon base
Required Level 27 (or weapon base, if higher)
  • Level 12 - 17 Meditation Aura When Equipped (variable)
  • +35% Faster Cast Rate
  • +200 - 260% Enhanced Damage (variable)
  • +9 to Minimum Damage
  • +180% - 250% Bonus to Attack Rating
  • Adds 5 - 30 fire damage
  • +75 poison damage over 5 seconds
  • +6 to Critical Strike
  • +5 to all Attributes
  • +2 to Mana after each Kill
  • 23% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
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