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Which Quests are Worth Doing

Nathan Garvin

An overview of the quests in Diablo 2 Resurrected, and a discussion of which quests are worth doing in every difficulty, and which ones can be skipped.

There are twenty-seven quests in Diablo 2 Resurrected, six per Act, save for Act 4, which only has three quests. Some quests are required to progress the story and complete the Act, but there are numerous side quests you can undertake or ignore, as you wish. Unfortunately, not all quests are created equal, and the rewards for them vary considerably. Some will reward you with a magic or rare ring, which has random stats rolled upon completion, others yield gems and runes, mercenary discounts, the ability to imbue a normal item, turning it into a rare version of the same base item.

These are all well and good, and perhaps worth doing, but there’s a higher tier of quest which offers far more significant rewards - ones with major build implications. Namely, there are three quests which reward Skill Points - the [Den of Evil], [Radament’s Lair] and [The Fallen Angel] - one which grants Stat Points ([Lam Esen’s Tome]), one which increases your maximum Life by 20 ([The Golden Bird]) another which yields a permanent boost to all your resistances ([Prison of Ice]). These quests are worth doing with every character you run, and better yet, they can be completed each difficulty, granting permanent, stacking rewards:

Quest Reward
Den of Evil +1 Skill Point, one-time use respec
Radament’s Lair +1 Skill Point
The Golden Bird +20 Maximum Life
Lam Esen’s Tome +5 Stat Points
The Fallen Angel +2 Skill Points
Prison of Ice Resist All +10%

Such boons are well worth going out of your way to get, and we’ll discuss how to complete each of these build-impacting quests in the following pages.


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