Hoshidan. A puppet maker skilled in the use of shuriken and yumi.

Stat Growth Rate
Health 10%
Strength 10%
Magic 0%
Skill 15%
Speed 10%
Luck 5%
Defense 5%
Resistance 15%
Shuriken/Daggers, Yumi/Bows
Skill Effect
Golembane Attackers are super effective against enemy Mechanists, Automatons, and Stoneborn
Replicate Grants use of the “Replicate” command to create a replica on the battlefield

Mechanists are slower, but bulkier, than Ninja, and can also use Bows (slightly redundant since Shuriken can also hit at range but they are super effective against flyers). Golembane is very situational due to the rarity of Stoneborn and Automatons, but Replicate is a skill worth reclassing for. Replicas will act independently of the real unit and experience is shared between the two. Using Replicate can let you bypass the limited number of units you can bring to battle. Just make sure plenty of people know Replicate!

However be warned: Replicas also share HP, items, and stat buffs/debuffs. If your replica dies, the real unit will die too, and vice versa. Damage sustained is carried over to both, damage healed is carried over. So make sure you play carefully when you use replicas.

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