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Leveling up is crucial to the game! …obviously.

Like any good RPG, Fire Emblem: Fates employs earning experience, and leveling up, as the major way of strengthening a character. Regardless of level, 100 experience takes you from one level to the next. At lower levels fighting against higher level enemies, you can gain as much as 50+ experience, and if fighting at higher levels against a very low-leveled enemy you will only gain 1 experience point.

The Avatar and Kana only (exception would be Kana’s sibling if you have the Avatar pass down Nobility) have a skill, Nobility , that increases experience gain by 20%. Diviners have access to a skill, Future Sight , that gives a chance of doubling experience gan. Finally, a currently unreleased skill, Paragon, will guaranteed double experience gain. So not many skills out there that can manipulate exp gain, and you shouldn’t depend on them. Nor do you need them!

After you level up, you are not guaranteed to get +1 to every stat. Characters and classes have stat growth rates that can range anywhere from 0% to over 60%. These rates indicate the chance a character has of growing in a specific stat upon level up. For example, Takumi has a 0% growth rate in Magic. Azura has a 25% growth rate in health. Ouch! Expect Takumi to have low (i.e. zero) magic, and Azura to have low health.

Growth rates from a character are added to class growth rates for the final, net growth rate of a character.

The Character Lists and Class Lists section of this guide has the growth rates for every character in the game for you to browse through.

As said earlier, the level cap is generally 20 . However, special classes such as Maid, Butler, and Songstress will cap off at 40 . If reclassed, their level will be divided by 2 to arrive at a new sub-20 level (if they are at level 40 they will reclass to level 20). Curiously, if you reclass to a special DLC class, such as Dread Fighter and Dark Falcon , +20 levels are added. However, this has no impact on the game whatsoever, it is merely a numerical change. Stats and Eternal Seal usage will not be affected.

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