Location Objective
Town in Izumo Seize.

Map of Chapter 10.

Dark Mage
New Allies Class Recruit
Takumi Archer Automatically at the end of the chapter
Oboro Spear Fighter Automatically at the end of the chapter
Hinata Samurai Automatically at the end of the chapter

The ice only has 1 “hit point” so it’s easy to break.

This map is a ton of fun! It starts out as a giant ice block, and you have to break them, uncovering enemies as you go. Just make sure you keep weaker units at range, and charge forward with your Avatar and whoever else is capable. You can just cut a direct path to Zola northwest, or you can take your time to go through the entire village, which will take a while but it’s worth it.

Just be careful of the enemies hiding underneath. How did they not get frostbite?

Why, you ask?

Every single one of them holds some sort of treasure you can claim. Seriously! There are a ton of permanent stat boosters that will drop, and even more weapons that you can equip immediately or use for forging! So, so worth it.

For those curious, here is what the area looks like with the ice gone (this took forever)

Continue to break open the ice a bit at a time and deal with enemies as they come. You have complete control over the pace here, since enemies will not rush you until you break the ice they are hiding in. If you go slow, you can split your small army into two parts to expedite the ice-clearing and treasure-collecting process.

Zola is pretty straightforward. And evil! So make sure you defeat him!

Zola himself is very boring as an unpromoted Dark Mage. Send in Kaze to get the first hit, if he isn’t dead his stats are dropped so he might as well be, sending whoever you want to give experience to and enjoy the cutscene that follows (or not?).

Takumi, one of the royals of the Hoshidan family and Sakura’s older brother, will permanently join your party shortly afterward. Because of his Fujin Yumi he is an extremely powerful archer and definitely worth a spot on your army. His two retainers will join you as well, Oboro the Spear Fighter and Hinata the Samurai. Hinata might be redundant if you’ve taken a shine to Hana; unlike Hana, Hinata is tankier and more powerful, but slow. Oboro is your first Spear Fighter and is very well-balanced. Due to her unique class and her access to Seal Defense, she is an excellent unit to train.

Once you have completed your tasks at MyCastle, grinded a bit, whatever, you’re free to continue moving forward.

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