Location Objective
Castle Valla Ruins Defeat the boss

Map of Chapter 27.

Wyvern Lord
Great Knight
Dark Knight
Malig Knight
Silent Dragon

They’re everywhere and not necessary, but they can be helpful.

Your Avatar will have healing tiles below them. They will move with your Avatar. Group units with your Avatar to make maximum use out of these tiles. Very useful. You’ll also gain a lot of movement standing on them! It’s like Queen Mikoto is watching over you or something. Thankfully for you, no chests this chapter.

You can approach this chapter similarly to how you approached the previous one. It’s the same area and everything, except this time the Dragon Veins will turn the water into healing tiles! Reinforcements will still like to spring out of them but only if they’re not healing tiles.

The enemies in front of Anankos are total pushovers so there’s no need for concern there. Anankos himself is a bit of a different story, and no, you can’t use the Hexing Rod to halve his HP. His breath weapon has up to a three-tile range so you won’t be able to avoid a counterattack, and if healers end up right next to your units attempting to attack they could be within line of fire, so be very super careful with that…

Save Valla!

Whittle down Anankos with your strongest units (likely the Nohrian and Hoshidan royal brothers plus your Avatar), enjoy the flavor dialogue if your Avatar faces off with him, and enjoy the cutscene that follows. Anankos does have Dragon Skin which halves damage from everything. This is fortunately factored into the combat forecast so you don’t have to do math. He’s also going to be immune to Lethality and Counter, will not take damage from Poison Touch, takes reduced critical damage, etc. etc. On top of his 80 HP and you have a tanky monstrosity.

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