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Location Objective
Destroyed Town Defeat the boss

Map of Chapter 13.

Wyvern Rider
Master Ninja
Wyvern Lord
Oni Savage
Spear Fighter
Master of Arms
New Allies Class Recruit
Kaden Kitsune Automatically at battle beginning
Keaton Wolfskin Automatically at battle beginning

The first thing to note here are our two brand new party members: Kaden and Keaton . They are at a perfect level for this chapter and so are ready to go out of the gate. Both can transform into animals through use of their Beaststones . Kaden is not as strong or defensive, but has higher Resistance and is very fast. Keaton has low Resistance but very high hit points, Strength, and Defense, and is much slower than Kaden. So pick and choose or use both!

This town map is rather fun, with various pathways and obstacles here and there. As the opening guide says, you can use rubble to block off paths if you wish. Using the rubble can let you plug up enemies and bottlenecks so that you can feel free to take your time on a different group of soldiers. Use it or not. This is, for a bit of trivia, the only map in all of Fire Emblem: Fates where you must face both Hoshidan, Nohrian, and Vallite forces all at once! As you can probably guess, the boss is a Vallite soldier, who is apparently invisible!

The plan here should be to split the teams into two sets of fighters and have one team sweep up the left side while the other team sweeps up the right side. In these teams have one healer to back you up, both sides have a few promoted enemies that will hit really hard if you’re unprepared. Each path, if you follow it up, also has several special named units at the top. To note, Ryoma is on the right side and Xander is on the left. Xander is joined by his retainers, Laslow and Peri, and Ryoma is accompanied by Scarlet (his retainers, Saizo and Kagero, are already within your ranks and will have some special flavor dialogue if they fight Ryoma in this map).

Fighting Ryoma and Xander is very difficult, and not necessary to win this stage. Neither of them will move. Bring along heavy hitters paired up and try to have a full dual guard gauge so that you can get off at least one free hit. Kaden and Keaton with Beastbane will be a huge help with Xander since he’s on a horse. Reinforcements will continually arrive as you work your way north. They will appear far down in the south and rush up. Ignore them for now, deal with them if you have to.

This Dragon Vein will let you freely access the boss instead of being confined to a bridge.

The Dragon Vein by Ryoma will lower the river and allow free access to where the Vallites await you. However, if you used rubble to block Xander or Ryoma, note that it will no longer work since the river will be gone. So be careful. As always, you can avoid them both entirely, but they’re worth such huge nuggest of experience that you really should give it a try, unless you don’t want to risk losing units. Better safe than sorry, right?

It is time to take on the Vallite enemies. The General is annoying with his high defense but other then that let the other enemies fling themselves at you and kill them quickly. Kagero came recruited equipped with a Sting Shuriken, so use that on the General to make him mincemeat. The Berserker falls easily to magic.

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