Boring but practical.

Nohrian. An archer trained to shoot from horseback. Also wields swords.

Stat Growth Rate
Health 10%
Strength 10%
Magic 0%
Skill 15%
Speed 15%
Luck 10%
Defense 0%
Resistance 10%
Yumi/Bows, Katana/Swords
Skill Effect
Rally Skill Use the command “Rally” to grant all allies within a 2-tile range Skill+4 for one turn
Shurikenbreaker When enemy is equipped with a shuriken/dagger, Hit+50 and Avoid+50

The Bow Knight is very average and is comparable to the Paladin, wielding Bow weapons instead of Lances. This allows a Bow Knight to shoot from afar and hit up close, toggling weapons as necessary, and can be incredibly handing for sniping things down giving the larger movement range. However, the Bow Knight otherwise has nothing really spectacular up its sleeve. Its higher Resistance makes it a great choice mage killer but the only area it really stands out in is as a specialized ninja killer. At least it does the job well.

Rally Skill is arguably the least useful of the Rally skills since Skill increases is going to have the least amount of impact. Shurikenbreaker, however, is, like any other “-breaker” skill, really good to have. This particular “-breaker” especially, because of how pesky Ninjas can be what with their debuffing hijinks and all. Acquiring Shurikenbreaker will make you much safer when up against Ninjas and Maids.

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