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Location Objective
Village Rout the enemy.

Map of Paralogue 1.

You will arrive at a village being ravaged by Faceless just in time to witness something terrible happen. What kind of heroes would you be if you stood around while Nohrian beasts ravage the town unchecked? Note the little girl named Mozu in the center of the map: You need to rescue her. Surrounding her are numerous Faceless units, all of whom are led by a higher-level Faceless who is to the left of where you start.

You’ll need to move quick to save Mozu, and to this end you should consider pairing a powerful melee unit with Subaki (preferably your protagonist, if applicable), who will be able to move quickly to the south. If you leveled up before this fight you’ll have an easier time with this battle, but you can’t afford to throw all caution to the wind in any case, as there are no fewer than half a dozen Faceless in the way. Fortunately Subaki’s Iron Naginata is strong against them, as is Silas’s Javelin. Even more fortuitously, the Faceless left of Mozu will not advance on her, although the ones to the left of where you start will, so keep an eye on them lest they flank your rearguard units.

Talk to Mozu to recruit her and have her survive safely.

Dispatch the six Faceless to the south and have your protagonist talk to Mozu, who will then join you. At this point you can pair her up with a character to keep her safe (Rinkah, perhaps?), and if you’re feeling plucky, try to let her get in a few pokes here and there. Either way, clear out the rest of the Faceless to end this battle and return to MyCastle.

Mozu is a Villager who starts off incredibly weak, but her Aptitude ability increases the likelihood of stat gains and is exclusive to the Villager class. While it means she needs a lot of investment to become good, she can become powerful fast if you put in the time. Awakening players will remember Donnel for this. She is also a great choice for a mother, for those seeking to pass down Aptitude.

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