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Otherwise known as Revenant Knight.

Nohrian. A tamer of evil dragons. Crushes foes with axes and tomes.

Stat Growth Rate
Health 0%
Strength 15%
Magic 15%
Skill 10%
Speed 5%
Luck 0%
Defense 10%
Resistance 15%
Clubs/Axes, Scrolls/Tomes
Skill Effect
Savage Blow When user initiates battle, afterwards all enemies within a 2-tile range lose 20% HP
Trample Unmounted enemies take +5 points of damage from the user

The Malig Knight exchanges durability for a balanced offensive presence. It sounds good on paper, but most units will skew one way or another instead of being able to use both magic and melee, making the class ultimately hard to use. The most notable Malig Knight for example, Camilla, has very low Magic even though she is a Malig Knight and you’ll probably find yourself using axes on her instead of tomes, even though she can use tomes.

The skills, however, are a completely different story. Savage Blow is basically Poison Strike on steroids and is amazing for weakening the area (and frustrating to deal with when the enemy has it as a skill). Trample stacks with “-faire” skills and can make an immediate difference in damage if the enemy isn’t on a horse, pegasus, or dragon. Both skills are completely geared towards pumping out damage, and are well worth putting on your units if you can. Otherwise, the Wyvern Lord, due to its physical focus, is probably going to be the option you pick over Malig Knight.

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