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Location Objective
Castle Valla Ruins Defeat the boss

Map of the Endgame.

Bow Knight
Wyvern Lord
Dark Knight
Spear Master
Silent Dragon

It’s time for the final battle! And with the god Anankos himself against you, it seems like quite the brawl too. There’s a few things swinging in your favor though. First, the enemy density is fairly low, so you won’t have too many enemies surrounding you. Keep in mind that reinforcements will be arriving almost every turn until Anankos himself is defeated. You’ll need to divide your army. Pick those who will be fighting Anankos, and have everyone else cover them so that they don’t have to worry about anyone other than Anankos.

Bring lots of healers! I can’t stress this enough.

Phase One: Anankos Hand.

Anankos himself is what’s going to need some explaning. You’re first faced with defeating Anankos’s hands , as they are keeping his head and his soul away from you. Each of his hands has 80 HP and the same skills as before, plus he’s still using his breath weapon. You’ll want to have separate groups at each hand to get rid of them as soon as you can. Again, bring several healers with you to attend to the many groups of your army.

Phase Two: Anankos Head.

After you have defeated Anankos’s head, his entire body will lay defeated before you. You’ve won right? Wrong! Now his true entity, the orb in his mouth , will rise and become its own weapon. That’s right, all of Anankos’s soul was contained within that eldritch orb. It is how he sees after all, so it makes sense, right? The orb has 80 HP and is the most powerful part of Anankos. Your dual guard gauge will likely be drained from Anankos’s head so just make sure you keep healers at bay to make sure your units stay healthy.

After the orb has fallen, Anankos will officially be dead. Congratulations, you have now beat the main campaign of Revelations!

Once Anankos’s hands have been defeated, they’ll fall below the battlefield. Without any support, Anankos’s head will hit the battlefield and finally be within range of your weapons. Again, 80 HP , even bulkier defenses, and hits even harder. Regroup the two groups you had whacking away at the hands. I highly recommend you use paired up units, and try to build up the dual guard gauge before engaging Anankos to minimize the damage you will take.

Phase Three: Anankos Soul.

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