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Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Wright
First Published: 20-04-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-06-2020 / 06:11 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 09-07-2020 / 07:42 GMT

Location Objective
Castle Valla Basement Locate and defeat the boss

Map of Chapter 24 (at first)

Master of Arms
Spear Fighter
Oni Chieftain
Master Ninja
Great Master
Kinshi Knight

And you'd better listen to her, too.

You now will greet Queen Mikoto, who appears to be...back from the dead? She's definitely supposed to be dead...right?

This is, hands down, the most bizarre map in the game, because there's two ways to handle it, one of which nets you rare items but little experience, and the other will give you experience but no rare items, and to make matters more confusing, the first method is hardly mentioned at all outside of a little lampshading on Queen Mikoto's part.

So let's get to it. First, here's some things you need to know regardless of the method you face.

First, most of the map is enshrouded in darkness. At the end of each hall are two doors. Once one of the doors is opened, the next hall will be revealed to you. Within the fourth room is the boss.

We're letting you know ahead of time...when opening the last door, choose BLUE.

Second, there are three pairs of doors. Queen Mikoto will mention opening the blue doors, so be sure to listen to her, until you get to the fourth and final door. She is attempting to trap you, open the blue door and don't listen to her. All the red doors in this map will hit your entire party for 999 damage, leaving you at 1 HP for everyone if you do so. Death sentence, basically. So, blue doors = safe doors, got that?

Now you know what to do, so let's discuss the two methods you can approach this chapter with.

Method One: Stealth

See the pink areas? Avoid them and make sure you keep tabs on when they shift!

Remember when Queen Mikoto mentioned you "might not have to fight a single enemy"? Well, she's not trying to be peaceful and holy and pure. She's right. Here's how you prepare: Pair your Avatar with someone who has Locktouch (or make sure the Avatar has Locktouch) and make sure you have at least seven tiles of movement, ideally eight. They should be strong enough to beat a boss on their own. You can bring other units, but you definitely can't bring your full army, and make sure they're paired to reduce the amount of space they take up.

So plan your movements accordingly.

The unpromoted units patrolling the hallways will signal the alarm for you to be ambushed if you step within their attack range , or kill them for the Door Key. If that happens you have failed. They will move in regular patterns so you can take the time to observe and memorize if need be. If at the end of the turn you are within their line of sight, the alarm will be triggered as well (excludes Normal difficulty). If you've brought other units along, you can "store" them in the enclaves with the treasure chests, as the guards won't pass through there.

Take your time and you will reach the boss without quarrel.

This method is really super tedious and in addition to being stealthy there are chests that you have to open so be sure to take your time.

So make sure you press X to see attack ranges, take your time, and once the final door is opened to reveal the boss, you can feel free to kill guards, get ambushed, whatever, because you have succeeded in the stealth mission.

Your reward is Boots , 10,000G , and a Master Seal . Aside from DLC and game path bonuses, this is one of two places where you can obtain Boots in Revelations.

Method Two: Standard Blitz

Only a few promoted reinforcements will appear, though.

The other method is much more standard. Just kill the guards/trip their attack range and run through the level as normal, killing everyone you see and opening all the chests. Then open the blue door that unlocks the boss. You aren't going to get Boots from doing it this way, though.

Yes, we are to be separated again...

And who else should it be except Queen Mikoto?! If you are doing this on stealth, and your Avatar plus another unit are the only two units you've got, be aware that there are a few other units surrounding her that will try to block your way to her. So make sure you can tank a few hits before engaging Mikoto herself. If you can, bring another pair along with you as you stealth your way through the map, park them somewhere safe, then open the door and have them catch up as fast as possible.

Queen Mikoto herself is a Priestess and so can wield Bows in addition to Staves. Flying units should definitely keep their distance, but she can't hit you from close range either. She's relatively fragile and won't be difficult to defeat.

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