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Best Way to Spawn Golden Sneaks

Jarrod Garripoli

You will encounter plenty of enemies as you explore the various areas in Like a Dragon: Ishin. These random encounters will usually pit you against fairly easy enemies, who shouldn’t take much to dispatch. However, you will sometimes run into a rarer enemy type, the Golden Sneak.

Golden Sneaks are rarer encounters in the game's world

How to Spawn Golden Sneaks in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Golden Sneaks are a rarer type of enemy you can randomly encounter in the game’s world, who are always going to be by themselves. They wear a tengu mask and a golden-like color outfit, so they can be quite easy to spot. The Golden Sneaks are a little more challenging than normal enemies, as they have more health and can sometimes not flinch from your attacks. However, they will still go down pretty quickly, since they aren’t super challenging. Golden Sneaks can be great to find, since they tend to drop rarer materials, over the normal enemies.

As already mentioned, Golden Sneaks tend to be a little bit on the rarer side. You may run into one now and then, but they aren’t going to be encountered super often. Early on in the game, there is a NPC who mentions the Golden Sneaks being encountered at night, so you could potentially roam around then to try and find some. They also seem to come around more often if your reputation is high in an area, and might even show up more if you’re drunk. However, there is a much better way, and also easier, to spawn Golden Sneaks in the game.

(1 of 5) You'll need to unlock the Kamo River fast travel point

To get started, you will need to have maxed the bond with the Palanquin NPC. Just keep using the palanquin service and eventually, you will have to fight some bandits. After that battle, the bond will be maxed and you will gain a new fast travel spot, near the Kamo River. Head there and look across the nearby bridge, as this is where you will be focusing your attention. While in that area, speak to the palanquin NPC, but don’t use his service. Instead, back out and look across the bridge to see some enemies. Every time you do this, the enemies across the bridge will change.

So, you just keep doing this until you see a Golden Sneak, although it can sometimes be difficult to tell, since enemies will stack up on on another from a distance. Just remember that the Golden Sneak will always be solo, while all other enemies come in threes. Should you get a Golden Sneak, defeat him, then return to the palanquin NPC to continue doing the same thing to spawn more.

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