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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 03 - Who’s Entertaining Who?

Nathan Garvin

Ryoma’s penchant for minigame diversions has led to him being dubbed “the Singing Samurai” around Kyo, and while there’s perhaps nothing inherently shameful about this, it does lead to opportunists viewing him as a more sociable samurai… perhaps employing him not for his combat prowess, but for his ability to entertain elite guests? This page will provide a walkthrough for Substory 3 - Who’s Entertaining Who? in Like a Dragon: Ishin!.

(1 of 2) You can start this Substory by wandering near where Sannocho and Teramachi meet in Rakugai,

You can start this Substory by wandering near where Sannocho and Teramachi meet in Rakugai, (left), where a woman named Shikokuya Okami will hire you to entertain an artist named Kanda. (right)

How to Start the Substory Who’s Entertaining Who? in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

As you wander around Rakugai, along the northernmost edge of Sannocho, near where it transitions to the middle part of Teramachi, you’ll find a woman named Shikokuya Okami. Talk to her and you’ll find out that Ryoma has gained a bit of a reputation for participating in the karaoke minigame and dancing minigame. In fact, he’s known as the “singing samurai”, and lacking better options, Shikokuya will tap you to entertain one Kanda-sensei, a visiting “master of the arts”. Accept to start Substory 3 - Who’s Entertaining Who?. After accepting your charge you’ll have to rendezvous with this Kanda-sensei in Watami, a restaurant on West Shiho Street.

(1 of 2) First perform a singing minigame,

First perform a singing minigame, (left), then tell Kanda the painting your singing inspires is “bold”. (right)

How to Entertain Kanda in Who’s Entertaining Who?

Enter Watami and you’ll get a scene introducing Kanda-sensei (or just Kanda, if you prefer) to Ryoma, and before long you’ll be dragged down to Utamaruya for a display of Ryoma’s karaoke prowess. After some chatter you’ll have to sing the song “Fighting Sakura”, and while your performance doesn’t affect the outcome of this Substory, Kanda-sensei will respond more positively if you perform well (90+).

After the song, for better or worse, Kanda will deliver his judgment before being struck by a fit of inspiration; the man simply must paint! Kanda will try to capture the essence of your singing (or wailing, as the case may be) in the form of a painting. Unfortunately, Kanda’s style of “art” is highly abstract and impressionist. After displaying his “art”, he’ll ask Ryoma to interpret it for him. Pick the option “It was bold and virile”.

(1 of 2) After singing you’ll need to dance,

After singing you’ll need to dance, (left), which inspires another painting. Kanda once again wants to hear that his “art” is “bold”. (right)

Now that Kanda has witnessed you sing, he wants you to dance, taking you to Nichibuza to perform the normal grade version of “Samurai Enbu”. Again, your performance doesn’t affect the Substory’s outcome, but Kanda will comment on your competence, or lack thereof. Once again, inspiration will strike, and Kanda will desecrate a perfectly innocent piece of parchment to create a “painting”. Afterwards he’ll ask you to interpret his brush spasms - lie by telling him “It’s bold, yet elegant.”, which appeases the “artist”.

(1 of 2) After dancing, you’ll need to fend off some Ruffians. Use heat to quickly dispatch the weaker Ruffians,

After dancing, you’ll need to fend off some Ruffians. Use heat to quickly dispatch the weaker Ruffians, (left), while the heavy can be easily dispatched with ranged attacks. (right)

How to Defeat the Ruffians in Who’s Entertaining Who?

With dancing and singing out of the way, Kanda will decide to call it a day. Unfortunately word of Kanda’s visit has reached the wrong sort of delinquent in Kyo, and they aim to kidnap him for the money they imagine they’ll be able to extort out of Kanda’s fans and family. Needless to say, Ryoma isn’t keen on this plan, and a fight will ensue over who will be Kanda’s companion going forward.

The only enemy you really need to watch out for here is the heavy, whose slow but powerful attacks can deal significant damage. Fortunately he’s awfully slow and provided you don’t start shooting at him, not terribly motivated to pursue you. Put some distance between yourself and the heavy and focus on the other goon(s) that follow - try to knock them down quickly and keep them down with heat abilities to thin the herd, and once the heavy is isolated, dispatch him by whatever means you find expedient.

Thrash the Ruffians and they’ll flee. Kanda will reward you for entertaining and protecting him by giving you an Ancient Amulet. You’ll also earn 525 Virtue for completing this Substory.

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