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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Wanted Men Street Killer Aramasa Location

Matt Chard

The sixth request of the Wanted Men in Like a Dragon: Ishin requires you to take down two Street Killers this time, although Aramasa is the only one with a proper name. This is the second request you can take with the other one being the Blue Ninjas. Doing this one last means you can turn them both in without having to walk back to the Wanted Men Headquarters due to this request taking you back there automatically.

Street Killer: Aramasa will be your sixth Wanted Men Request.

Where to Find Wanted Men Street Killer: Aramasa

The pamphlet will tell you that they can be found around Umekojicho which is situated around the southern area of Rakugai. This request will happen the same way the previous Street Killer bounty occurred, with a QTE (quick-time-event). The first QTE will occur in the alleyway in North Umekojicho in between the Arms Dealer, and the Creepy Bar. You’ll find it directly north of the Shady Bar. As you walk down the street, you’ll be ambushed by Aramasa where you’ll have to quickly press the button prompt in time which will lead to an encounter with him.

(1 of 2) You’ll find Aramasa in the alleyway in-between the Creepy Bar and the Arms dealer in Umekojicho.

You’ll find Aramasa in the alleyway in-between the Creepy Bar and the Arms dealer in Umekojicho. (left), Aramasa is on the wimpy side, so just him down with your regular swordsman combo. (right)

This battle shouldn’t cause you any problems as it leans to the easier side of the difficulty spectrum, but just in case you do have trouble with him, here are a few tips. Aramasa typically prefers to use a low stance which means that he’s readying a guard or seeking out an opportunity to strike.

Think of this as more of a counter-based stance. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have a lot of health, and you can just brute force the encounter by repeatedly slashing, or shooting him. Once you defeat Aramasa, he’ll run away (of course he does) and you’ll need to find him again. This time, you’ll find him on the street just southwest of the Shady Bar. Once again, you’ll get another QTE before you start the battle.

(1 of 3) The second counter can be found nearby. Go southwest from your last location past the Shady Bar where you’ll get attacked again.

How to Defeat Wanted Men Street Killer: Aramasa

This battle is a carbon copy of the previous battle, at least at the start it is. If you have Heat, you can use the Brawler combo to instantly knock him to the floor before you switch to swordsman style to perform a Heat Action. This will most likely defeat him outright, or leave him not far from it. Once you defeat Aramasa, you’ll get another QTE where another Street Killer will join in.

This fella goes by the name of Kyuhei who prefers the frontal stance which means he’s ready for both offensive, and defensive maneuvers. Unfortunately for him, he might just be weaker than his frail partner in crime, Aramasa. You can use the same methods mentioned above for Aramasa, or you could just repeatedly slash him, either way, he won’t last long.

Just like his partner in crime, Kyuhei is also on the wimpy side. Slash him down to put him out of his misery.

Once you’ve defeated both of them, once again, you’ll notice that they both appear to be delirious, some things not quite right here including the random acts of violence. You’ll somehow bring both of them back to the Wanted Men Headquarters where they can get checked over. Let’s hope they keep an eye on them this time. This will finish the request.

Wanted Men Street Killer: Aramasa Rewards

You’d think for double the Street Killers you’d get double the pay, but no, no you don’t. You will get exactly the same amount as the previous request, 2 ryo.

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