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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 72 - A Lasting Thirst for Peace

Jarrod Garripoli

Substories are the wackier stories in the Like A Dragon series, to offshoot the more serious tone of the main story. You will first unlock the ability to do Substories in Chapter 2, although they aren’t shown on your map, so you will need to fully explore each map to find them. This page will give a walkthrough of the A Lasting Thirst for Peace substory, found in Fushimi.

Where to Start A Lasting Thirst for Peace in Like a Dragon: Ishin

(1 of 2) Approach Satow on the bridge by Daruma Eatery for this Substory

Approach Satow on the bridge by Daruma Eatery for this Substory (left), Satow has been ordered to return to his home country (right)

There are two requirements in order to get this Substory to appear, one of which is to be on the Finale chapter of the main story. The other requirement is similar to Diplomacy in Darkness, as you need to pretty much collect the majority of the Memoirs in the game. To be on the safe side, you should just collect all of them (there’s 24 out in the wild, plus the one given from Satow from his initial Substory), which will leave only a single Memoir left. Once you have done this, head to Fushimi and you should see Satow standing on a bridge by the Daruma Eatery shop. Approach him to begin this Substory.

How to Defeat Nakamura Hanjiro in Like a Dragon: Ishin

It appears that he got a letter from his home country, asking him to return home, especially after the dangerous incident that took place in the previous Substory. Of course, all of the people he made friends with at the izakaya are sad he’s going. Satow wants to visit one more place, Gion, and wishes you to accompany him. You will automatically go there and while standing around, you end up seeing Saigo, the one person that Satow wanted to see while still in Japan. Saigo enters a building and his bodyguard outside refuses to let anyone enter, especially a gaijin (foreigner) like Satow.

This will lead to a fight, where you do battle with Nakamura Hanjiro, a large man that is self-dubbed, “Saigo’s meaty right palm.” You might have a little bit of trouble with Nakamura here, since he pretty much doesn’t flinch from your attacks, meaning that he can use his attacks at any moment. Before focusing on him, take out the rest of the Shishi with him, so you aren’t going to get hit from the back while concentrating on the larger man. Also, a lot of Nakamura’s attacks can break your guard, so if you’re using the Swordsman style, having the skill that allows you to reguard after it’s broken is a good idea.

(1 of 3) A lot of Nakamura’s attacks will break your guard

If you have a strong set of Trooper Cards, you can use the ones with special attacks to hopefully inflict some easier damage on Nakamura. Otherwise, you want to block/reblock the attacks, then do a quick two or so hits on him, before you start blocking again. Thankfully, Nakamura doesn’t have a large repertoire of attacks, as he uses a basic combo that ends with a sweeping attack for his main source of damage. He also has a dashing stab attack that he charged up for a brief moment. Take the battle slow and you will eventually fell Nakamura.

After the battle is over, some scenes will take place and you will need to head back to the izakaya, where you first met Satow. Upon getting there, watch the final scene that brings and end to the Substory.


Objective Rewards
Spent a final time with Satow Kiwami Hammer, A Letter from the Right Honorable Sir E. Satow Memoir, 400 Virtue
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