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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Man in Tengu Mask Tarobo Location

Matt Chard

When you reach Chapter 2 in Like a Dragon: Ishin, you’ll enter Mukurogai which is a drab place that hosts the dregs of society in Kyo. Fortunately, some people are trying to do something about them which is where you’ll find the Wanted Men headquarters. Here, you’ll find bounties for Wanted Men. There are 16 in total all who are worse than the last one you took down. This page will guide you through taking down the first bounty, “Man in Tengu Mask, Tarobo”.

The Man in Tengu Mask bounty is the first request of the Wanted Men.

Where is the Wanted Men Headquarters Location

This place can be difficult to find the first time due to it not being marked on the map. From the entrance of Mukurogai (where the gate guard is), head south, and take the first set of stairs (not the red stairs) to your left. Follow the path around until you reach a narrow path with posters on both sides of the walls. Continue forward, and head immediately left when you get past the walls where you’ll find a door you can enter. Here, you’ll find Omatsu who will introduce you to the Wanted Men system. After a short tutorial, you’ll get your first target, “Man in Tengu Mask, Tarobo”.

(1 of 2) The Wanted Men HQ will be on the upper floor near the walls covered in bounty posters.

The Wanted Men HQ will be on the upper floor near the walls covered in bounty posters. (left), From the main entrance, take the stairs to your left in front of you, Now follow the path all the way around where you’ll find the postered walls. (right)

Where to Find Man in Tengu Mask

Now that you’ve got your first bounty, exit Mukurogai and head west. Take a right at the end of the Scarecrow Chateau then immediately head left. Now hug the right wall until you reach Umekojicho. Continue west, and you’ll find the group of Tengu you’re looking for next to the Creepy Bar vendor. If you check out the pamphlet which can be checked again on the Completion List > Wanted Men > Jozo Tengu: Tarobo, it will give you the rough location of the bounty if you forget.

(1 of 2) Exit Mukurogai from the gate, and head west until you reach the Creepy Bar.

Exit Mukurogai from the gate, and head west until you reach the Creepy Bar. (left), Where you’ll find the bounty just next to the bar. (right)

How to Defeat the Man in Tengu Mask

This is a relatively easy fight where you’ll be pitted against eight Tengu. Switch over to your Wild Dancer Style, and keep performing the Phoenix Frenzy (DualSense-ButtonCircle) / Xbox-ButtonB ) ability to hit all of them at once. You can keep repeating this technique while throwing in an evade with a (DualSense-ButtonCross / Xbox-ButtonA) to avoid any incoming blows.

The easiest way to deal with this bounty is to be in the Wild Dancer Style while performing the area of effect combo.

Another method you can use is the Gunman Style and perform the DualSense-ButtonSquare, DualSense-ButtonSquare, DualSense-ButtonSquare, DualSense-ButtonTriangle, DualSense-ButtonTriangle (Xbox-ButtonX, Xbox-ButtonX, Xbox-ButtonX, Xbox-ButtonY, Xbox-ButtonY) combo which will also perform some nice area of effect damage, but the first method will be easier to avoid the damage.

Man in Tengu Mask Rewards

Completing this bounty will reward you with 1 ryo plus any items that they may drop after the fight.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin is set in 1860’s Japan during the Bakumatsu era at the end of the Edo Period. Take up the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma, framed for killing his father, and restore honor to his name while dealing with the political intrigue that he gets thrown in to. This guide for Like a Dragon: Ishin contains the following:

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