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Substory 30 - Brawler for Hire

Nathan Garvin

Mukurogai is a dangerous place, but not all its inhabitants are opportunistic thugs - some of them are particularly strong thugs who professionalize their violent tendencies. This page will provide a walkthrough for Substory 30 - Brawler for Hire in Like a Dragon: Ishin!.

(1 of 2) Search the northeastern corner of Mukurogai to find Sumi Bozu,

Search the northeastern corner of Mukurogai to find Sumi Bozu, (left), during your chat, the "Corrupt Official" from Substory 07 - Ee Ja Nai for Justice - will show up and sic the thug on you. (right)

How to Start the Substory Brawler for Hire in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Before you can start this Substory, you must first complete Substory 07 - Ee Ja Nai for Justice, which will see an unlikely alliance between the protesting dancers and Ryoma in the face of comical violence from a Corrupt Official. Once done, return to Fushimi and head to the dock east of Teradaya, where you’ll need to pay the Boatman 500 mon to take you back to Mukurogai. Once there, head northeast to a clearing west of the Paradise izakaya (bar) - the same place where you fought Okada Izo back in Chapter 2. Now you’ll find a meathead by the name of Sumi Bozu loitering around. Getting close is sufficient to start Substory 30 - Brawler for Hire.

(1 of 2) Sumi Bozu is aggressive to his own detriment- bait and dodge his attacks,

Sumi Bozu is aggressive to his own detriment- bait and dodge his attacks, (left), then punish him. Repeat until you're victorious. (right)

How to Defeat Sumi Bozu in Brawler for Hire

Starting this Substory is all well and good, but to actually advance it you’ll need to talk to Sumi Bozu. He’s friendly enough, for a violent thug who beats people up for a living and tattoos the names of his victims on his flesh. Unfortunately, the Corrupt Official from Substory 07 - Ee Ja Nai for Justice will arrive during the conversation between Sumi Bozu and Ryoma, and he has a new contract for this thug-for-hire - beat up the ronin who humiliated him early. Ryoma will insist he doesn’t remember the official, but this naturally doesn’t deter him or Sumi Bozu, and a fight with the “Troublesome Man” ensues.

Sumi Bozu, despite being described as a “brawler”, actually uses a spear, and he’s awfully fond of performing charging lunges with it. This, of course, is easy to side-step, so keep your distance, bait Sumi Bozu, dodge to the side, then punish him. Naturally the Wild Dancer style trivializes this fight, but Sumi Bozu’s simple-minded tactics aren’t hard to counter with any style. Thrash the meathead and he’ll concede defeat, but instead of being bitter about it, the loss seems to have ignited a competitive fire in him. He’ll vow to return after getting stronger, and Ryoma gets the last thing he needed - another obsessed rival.

This will complete the Substory and earn you 450 Virtue.


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