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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 25 - The Sword Nut

Jarrod Garripoli

Substories are the wackier stories in the Like A Dragon series, to offshoot the more serious tone of the main story. You will first unlock the ability to do Substories in Chapter 2, although they aren’t shown on your map, so you will need to fully explore each map to find them. This page will give a walkthrough of The Sword Nut Substory, found in Rakugai.

Where to Start The Sword Nut in Like a Dragon: Ishin

You will need to play through the main story, until you reach Chapter 3. Once you do, you will gain access to areas north of Fushimi. Go to Rakugai, which is the area between Fushimi and Rakunai, and look for the Sannocho subarea. In the southwestern corner of Sannocho is a Jizo Statue, so head there and look to the east of it to spot a portly gentleman standing next to a wall. Approach him to start this Substory.

(1 of 3) You can find the Odd Man here on the map

How to Complete The Sword Nut in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The actual Substory itself is very simple, as the NPC will talk about his love of swords. He wants to look at Ryoma’s sword, although Ryoma is a bit hesitant, as he doesn’t know what the man will do. Eventually, he does show him the sword and you find out that the man is a genuine sword enthusiast, who likes just looking at swords, although he does also collect them. This will start a bond with the Odd Man, who will ask for you to bring him specific swords. After the initial conversation, though, the actual Substory will end.


Objective Rewards
Showed the sword lover your weapon 150 Virtue

Where to Find the Ebony Sword in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The first sword that the Odd Man wants to see is an Ebony Sword. Thankfully, it’s not a difficult sword to get, although you will need to do a little legwork to get it. If you haven’t gotten the boatman that takes you to Mukugorai to reappear in Chapter 3, keep doing other Substories until he does. He will be just south of the Komaki dojo in Fushimi. Head to Mukugorai and find the Arms Dealer on the western side there, where you will want to buy the Nameless Sword from him (costs 1,000 mon).

(1 of 6) Take the boatman to Mukugorai

In addition to the Nameless Sword, you will need a Crooked Magnet and five Iron Scraps. Thankfully, both of these items can be bought from the Materials Vendor, with Iron Scraps costing 480 mon each, and the Crooked Magnet costing 1200 mon. You will also require 1 ryo 0450 mon to make the sword, so once you have everything gathered, make the sword and bring it back to the Odd Man to show him. He will be happy, your bond with him will increase and he will ask for another sword.

Where to Find the Yaksha Blade in Like a Dragon: Ishin

The second sword that the Sword Nut asks for is the Yaksha Blade, which will require the Ebony Sword you just made. To make this at the Blacksmith, you will need a Picture of a Ghost and five Metal Sheets. The latter can be gotten as drops from random enemy encounters. For the Picture of a Ghost, you can also get it from random enemy encounters, but if you do The Mysterious Merchant Substory and completely fill his bond gauge, then you will be able to purchase it from him. Once you have the materials, as well as 2 ryo 3750 mon, have the Blacksmith make it and bring it back to the Sword Nut.

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