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Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Substory 18 - The Reclusive Son

Nathan Garvin

Leaving the nest isn’t always easy, especially when family enables infantilization and society actively discourages certain segments of the population from taking risk. Sometimes, however, all that’s needed is the right incentive. This page will provide a walkthrough for Substory 18 - The Reclusive Son in Like a Dragon: Ishin!, including the right questions to ask Uchitaro, and strategies for defeating the Scary Men.

(1 of 2) Along the East Umekojicho section of Rakugai you'll find a “Flustered Mother” arguing with her “Angry Son”,

Along the East Umekojicho section of Rakugai you'll find a “Flustered Mother” arguing with her “Angry Son”, (left), the location of this Substory can be found on this map. (right)

How to Start the Substory The Reclusive Son in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

In Chapter 3, head to the East Umekojicho section of Rakugai, specifically along the northern end of the Unyuan building. Here you’ll find a “Flustered Mother” arguing with her “Angry Son”. Listen to them argue and Substory 18 - The Reclusive Son will begin. Looks like somebody needs a swift kick out of the nest…

Talk to the Flustered Mother after her son departs and she’ll collect herself long enough to explain Japanese customs involving second sons in high-ranking families. Basically the heir and a spare principle, and if the spare isn’t used, their position in society can become… precarious. It’s a feast-or-famine situation that’s wholly dependent on the continued existence of their older brothers. Tough lot, and when Ryoma mentions he’s in the same boat, the Flustered Mother will ask you to speak to her son.

(1 of 2) Pick the right dialog options to coax Uchitaro out of his shell.

Pick the right dialog options to coax Uchitaro out of his shell. (left), While talking is ultimately fruitless, when his mother is threatened, Uchitaro reverts back to his old self. (right)

How to Convince Uchitaro to Change

Agree and you’ll eventually find yourself chatting with Uchitaro who… well, despite the mother painting a picture of downward societal pressure, Uchitaro just seems like he’s a spoiled mother’s boy who is fine living under her skirt the rest of his life. A chronic otaku with standards well beyond his means. When you get a chance to pick some dialog options, pick the following, in order:

  • “What are you up to?”
  • “Make a personal connection.”
  • “Boost his self confidence.”

After Ryoma dispels Uchitaro’s delusional high standards and convinces him to focus on self-improvement as means of attaining what he seeks. This will cause Uchitaro to reveal a traumatic event from his past which derailed an otherwise promising career as a swordsman. Progress stalls at this point, after which you’ll be back outside. Uchitaro’s Mother will attempt to reward Ryoma before he leaves, only to end up in an altercation with a “Menacing Man”, and Ryoma sees an opportunity to motivate Uchitaro and snap him out of his funk…

(1 of 2) When fighting the Scary Men, try to isolate individuals and be wary of getting flanked.

When fighting the Scary Men, try to isolate individuals and be wary of getting flanked. (left), Knock an enemy down and try to dispatch them quickly by expending heat. (right)

How to Defeat the Scary Men During The Reclusive Son

Naturally Uchitaro rises to the occasion, but matters are complicated by the Menacing Man’s friends showing up. This prompts Ryoma to step in to even the odds somewhat, resulting in a five-on-two brawl. Uchitaro can hold his own well enough, but you shouldn’t expect him to actually defeat any enemies. Instead, try to ensure you don’t have any enemies at your back, get some distance, lure one away, then try to knock them down and use heat-consuming attacks to defeat them quickly. If you can down two enemies quickly, you’ll make the fight much easier.

All five of your opponents are standard sword-wielding goons, although none of them are particularly weak, and they can all deal decent damage. As long as you don’t end up surrounded, you should be fine. Or if you’re using the Wild Dancer style, you should be able to just spin out of any trouble.

Defeat the Scary Men and Ucchan will decide to change his life around, while his mother is extra motivated to give you the reward from early - some Iron Gauntlets and a Rainbow Shard. This will complete the Substory, earning you 525 Virtue.

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