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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 29 - The Bad Side of Town

Nathan Garvin

Mukurogai is a cesspool occupied by the worst Kyo has to offer, but despite knowing this from plenty of unsavory first-hand experience, the brazen violence of the knaves that fester on the island of outcasts can still catch Ryoma off guard. This page will cover the Substory The Bad Side of Town in Like a Dragon: Ishin!.

How to Start The Bad Side of Town in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

You can stumble upon this Substory as early as Chapter 3 - and we do mean “stumble upon”, as there’s a good chance you’ll encounter it quite unintentionally… perhaps while you’re trying to complete Substory 21 - Sonno Joui. To start Substory 29 - The Bad Side of Town you’ll need to travel to Mukurogai. Depending on your progress, you may not be able to reach via the gate that connects Mukurogai to Rakugai. If that’s the case, you’ll need to travel back down to Fushimi and talk to the Boatman standing east of Teradaya and pay him 500 mon to take you to Mukurogai. From Where the Boatman drops you off, head northwest, then north past the Mahjong Spot to reach the western stairs leading up to the second floor of Mukurogai’s central building. The Substory should start automatically when you approach these stairs.

(1 of 3) You’ll be ambushed while walking near the western stairs in Mukurogai.

How to Defeat the Ruffians in Mukurogai

There’s not much substance to this Substory once you’ve located it. Some of the ruffians that infest Mukurogai have decided - foolishly - that Ryoma is worth mugging, and attack. Ryoma’s reflexes will be enough to prevent the sneak attack from landing, but the thugs are undeterred, and you’ll have to give them a good beating to discourage their current course of action. You’ll find yourself squaring off against three Ruffians who aren’t really any more competent than the riff-raff you may encounter walking around Kyo. They’re not really numerous enough to be a threat regardless of what combat style you use, but as with most fights, Wild Dancer will trivialize them.

Give them a good thrashing and after the fight they’ll have learned their lesson… that being to seek out weaker prey. Perhaps not the best lesson one could take away from this, but violence isn’t a very dynamic teacher. You’ll earn 375 Virtue for completing this Substory.

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