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Best Way to do Trade Orders in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Matt Chard

Once you reach the start of Chapter 4 in Like a Dragon Ishin, you’ll get a second home due to Haruka’s inability to pay her debt. This opens many of the game’s features, which are part of Another Life. This page will explain a particular feature called Trade Orders where you can exchange all your meals from cooking, and produce from farming into money and rewards.

You can access the Trade Orders by examining the cupboard in your house.

Starting Trade Orders

When you first unlock Trade Orders, you will only be able to access them after some time as you will only be able to enter the house once you progress through the story. Once you have access to the house, head over to the cupboard in the southeast corner to access the Trade Order menu.

This Menu will show you the following information:

  • Client: Who the order is for.
  • Products: What item they’re after.
  • Quantity: How many of that item they want.
  • Reward: What they are willing to pay for it. If it has a Treasure Chest icon next to the order, it’ll show you what item they are offering in exchange along with some money.

When you’re ready to trade the requested items, choose the “Select Product” option at the bottom where you will be taken to another screen. This will show you the requested product and how many you have selected for that product. To pick the correct amount, press DualSense-DPad-Left and then select “End Selection”. Note that you don’t have to have the products in your inventory as it will take them out of your Storage if you don’t have enough on you.

(1 of 3) The Order Details screen will show you everything you need to know about the order.

This will bring you back to the order screen, but now the order will have a green tick to the left, which means that the order is ready to go. Do the same for any other order, and when you are done fulfilling the orders, select “Deliver” in the bottom left to send Haruka on her way to deliver them. This will greet you with a short scene of her delivering and returning before you will receive your rewards for each delivery. You will also gain a small portion of bond for Haruka for every delivery completed.

Order Lists

The Trade Order Menu is separated into hidden lists related to Another Life activities such as Cooking, Farming, and Fishing, then you’ll have one for random items such as Vitality Pills or Scrap Paper.

Each time you complete one of the lists, the list will get repeated but will offer you more rewards for every completion. For example, completing all the Farming lists will offer you a 50% increase in rewards the second time around while the third time will be 100%. This happens until you complete the same list five times when it will stay at 200% extra rewards. Below you will find every Trade Order for each list.

Crops Trade Order List

This list is for every trade order containing crops. These can be obtained by farming or purchasing them from various shops.

The Crops List will be anything that you can obtain from Farming.

Order Quantity Rewards Items
Daiko 5 1,000 mon
Daiko 10 2,500 mon Fertilizer
Carrot 5 1,000 mon Fertilizer
Carrot 10 2,500 mon
Cucumber 5 1,000 mon
Cucumber 10 2,500 mon Fertilizer
Potato 5 1,000 mon
Potato 10 2,500 mon Quality Hide
Spinach 5 1,000 mon Quality Hide
Spinach 10 2,500 mon
Any produce items 5 1,000 mon
Any produce items 10 2,500 mon
Green Onion 10 2,500 mon
Sweet Potato 5 2,500 mon
Onion 5 3,000 mon Fertilizer
Turnip 5 3,000 mon
Eggplant 15 3,000 mon
Burdock 5 4,000 mon
Broad Bean 10 4,000 mon
2 Types of Melon (cucumber/pumpkin) 2 5,000 mon
Pumpkin 5 5,000 mon
Hot Pepper 5 5,000 mon Fertilizer
Ginger 10 5,000 mon
Garlic 5 5,000 mon
Tomato 4 6,000 mon Wild Silk
Cabbage 4 6,000 mon Fertilizer
Strawberry 4 7,500 mon Fertilizer
Taro 4 7,500 mon Beautiful Pelt
3 Types of Potato (Potato/Sweet Potato/Taro) 3 8,000 mon
Ginseng 1 15,000 mon Fine Silk Fabric


These are all the Trade Orders for Dishes such as Katemeshi which can be obtained by cooking. If you don’t have the recipe, purchase it from the Virtue Store.

The Dishes list will be anything you can acquire from Cooking.

Order Quantity Rewards Items
Katemeshi 1 1,000 mon
Katemeshi 2 2,000 mon
Katemeshi 3 3,000 mon
Katemeshi 4 4,000 mon
Hearty Miso Soup 1 2,500 mon
Hearty Miso Soup 2 5,000 mon
Invigorating Miso Soup 1 2,500 mon
Invigorating Miso Soup 2 5,000 mon
Spicy Seafood Miso Hot Pot 2 5,000 mon
Blissful Udon 1 8,500 mon
Shrewd Castella 1 1 ryo
Fisherman’s Teppoyaki 1 7,800 mon
Spirit Stew 1 7,800 mon
Refreshing Vegetable Salad 1 5,600 mon
Thoroughly Grilled Fish 1 5,500 mon
Handmade Asazuke 1 1,000 mon Wild Silk
Handmade Asazuke 2 2,000 mon Wild Silk
Handmade Asazuke 4 4,000 mon Wild Silk
Power Stew 1 5,200 mon
True Grit Chirashi Sushi 1 5,500 mon
Refreshing Kakiage 1 5,600 mon
Any 3 Dishes 3 1,000 mon
Any 3 Dishes 3 3,000 mon
Any 4 Dishes 4 4,000 mon
Any 5 Dishes 5 6,000 mon
Any 5 Dishes 5 6,000 mon
Any 5 Dishes 5 6,000 mon
Any 6 Dishes 6 7,500 mon
Any 10 Dishes 10 1 ryo

Fish Trade Orders

These Trade Orders require one or more fish which can be obtained through Fishing or purchased from the various shops.

The Fish List will be anything you can obtain from Fishing.

Order Quantity Rewards Items
Crucian Carp 2 1,000 mon
Crucian Carp 4 2,000 mon
Crucian Carp 10 6,000 mon
Whitebait 3 1,000 mon
Whitebait 5 2,000 mon
Whitebait 10 2,800 mon
Carp 2 1,000 mon Quality Hide
Carp 4 2,000 mon
Carp 10 7,000 mon Quality Hide
Goby 2 1,000 mon Bait
Goby 10 6,000 mon
Crawfish 2 1,000 mon
Thread-Sail Filefish 2 1,500 mon
Blowfish 2 1,500 mon
Sweetfish 2 1,500 mon
Squid 2 1,500 mon
Tiger Prawn 2 1,500 mon
Conger Eel 1 2,000 mon
Freshwater Eel 1 2,000 mon
Common Octopus 1 2,000 mon
Scorpionfish 1 2,000 mon
Righteye Flounder 1 2,000 mon
Spider Crab 2 2,500 mon
Kohaku 1 2,500 mon
Kohaku 2 5,000 mon
Kohaku 3 7,500 mon
Pufferfish 1 2,500 mon
Great White Shark 1 3,000 mon
Rainbow Trout 1 3,000 mon
Salmon 1 3,000 mon
Seabream 1 4,500 mon
Marlin 1 8,000 mon
Stringfish 1 1 ryo
Tuna 1 1 ryo
Ghost Carp 1 1 ryo 5000 mon Fine Horse’s Mane
Giant Oarfish 1 2 ryo Vermilion Fabric
Any 2 Fishes 2 1,000 mon
Any 3 Fishes 3 1,500 mon Quality Bait
Any 4 Fishes 4 2,000 mon Quality Bait
Any 5 Fishes 5 2,500 mon
Any 6 Fishes 6 3,000 mon
Any 8 Fishes 8 4,000 mon
Any 10 Fishes 10 5,000 mon
Any 10 Fishes 10 5,000 mon
Any 10 Fishes 10 5,000 mon

Misc Trade Orders

These Trade Orders require one or more random items such as consumables, or materials. These can be obtained from the various mini-games, loot drops, side story rewards, or purchased from the various stores.

The Misc list will be anything from consumables to materials. These are often obtained as drops, or purchased from a shop.

Order Quantity Rewards Items
Passion Pill 1 1,000 mon Fertilizer
Passion Pill 5 5,000 mon
Deluxe Passion Pill 1 2,000 mon
Ultra Passion Pill 1 3,000 mon
Vitality Pill 1 2,000 mon
Vitality Pill 3 6,000 mon
Deluxe Vitality Pill 1 3,000 mon
Ultra Vitality Pill 1 4,000 mon
Scrap Paper 10 1,000 mon
Scrap Paper 50 5,500 mon
Woodlouse 10 1,200 mon
Earthworm 2 1,500 mon Fertilizer
Straw Effigy 1 2,000 mon Fine Horse’s Mane
Straw Effigy 1 2,000 mon Vermilion Fabric
Recovery Items 5 5,000 Fertilizer
Recovery Items 5 7,500 Fertilizer
Bullets 5 5,000 mon
Bullets 5 7,500 mon
Iron Plate 1 1,000 mon
Iron Plate 5 5,000 mon
Iron Plate 6 6,000 mon
Copper Plate 1 2,500 mon
Copper Plate 2 5,000 mon
Silver Plate 1 2 ryo 6,000 mon
Gold Plate 1 20 ryo
Platinum Plate 1 30 ryo


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