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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 70 - The Captain and the Curious

Jarrod Garripoli

Substories are the wackier stories in the Like A Dragon series, to offshoot the more serious tone of the main story. You will first unlock the ability to do Substories in Chapter 2, although they aren’t shown on your map, so you will need to fully explore each map to find them. This page will give a walkthrough of The Captain and the Curious substory, found in Fushimi.

Where to Start The Captain and the Curious in Like a Dragon: Ishin

(1 of 2) Go here on the map for The Captain and the Curious

Go here on the map for The Captain and the Curious (left), Approach the group of people at the restaurant/bar to start (right)

The only prerequisite for this Substory is that you reach Chapter 5 of the main story. Once you have, head to Fushimi and locate the Umai Udon restaurant. This is where you can participate in the Udon Shop minigame. There is another shop just north of Umai Udon, which isn’t actually used as a place you go to during the course of the game. However, if you go there during Chapter 5 onward, you should see some NPCs there. Approach the group of people to begin this Substory.

Kawakami Gensai Mini Boss

This Substory is pretty basic, with there being a lot of talking between Satow and Saito. Satow likes buying people drinks at bars and hearing their stories, since that is when people will end up speaking the truth more than ever. He convinces Saito to drink with him, but eventually, all of the others at the bar go their own way, leaving only the two. Satow wants to go to Rakugai, since he heard there was another bar there, but Saito tries to say that Rakugai isn’t exactly the best of spots. On the way there, you meet up with someone named Kawakami Gensai, a person who isn’t fond of foreigners, which will lead to a fight.

Kawakami isn’t a strong opponent, but you should probably treat him like a mini boss, especially since he has a health bar at the bottom of the screen. He wields a sword, so expect the normal sword attacks you’ve been seeing up to this point. Depending on how strong Ryoma is, this could be a pretty short fight, but you really shouldn’t have too much trouble with him. Don’t forget that you might have use of the Trooper Cards at this point, since you unlock them during the course of the Chapter 5 story.

(1 of 2) You shouldn’t really have trouble with this enemy

You shouldn’t really have trouble with this enemy (left), Depending on your strength, you could use Heat Actions to bring him down quicker (right)

After the battle is over, you will hear some more talking from Satow, who promises that he won’t go around to cause some international trouble. However, you will need to find some diaries, journals, and memoirs to give him a glimpse of Japan. These will be found as sparkly spots on the ground, similar to the Lottery Tickets, except these aren’t random and will always be in the same spots. It should be noted that sometimes, you will need to do specific Substories and completely fill the bond gauges to unlock certain Memoirs (they will be listed on their own page).


Objective Rewards
Told some stories to a new drinking buddy Writings of an Amateur Historian Memoir, 300 Virtue
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Like a Dragon: Ishin is set in 1860’s Japan during the Bakumatsu era at the end of the Edo Period. Take up the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma, framed for killing his father, and restore honor to his name while dealing with the political intrigue that he gets thrown in to. This guide for Like a Dragon: Ishin contains the following:

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