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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 42 - Invasion of the Black Ships?

Matt Chard

Substories are the wackier stories in the Like A Dragon series, to offshoot the more serious tone of the main story. During Chapter 7 you may get a short scene with some residents near the docks in Fushimi talking about a foreign man in a black ship which will start the “Invasion of the Black Ships?” This page will guide you through where to start, and finish the substory.

Ryoma meeting the mysterious owner of the Black Ship.

Where to Start Invasion of the Black Ships?

This substory can be started at the start of Chapter 7 during the day. You can trigger the quest by approaching the two residents near the docks in South Fushimi Ichibangai, west of the Teradaya Inn. As you approach them, you’ll hear them talking about the mysterious Black Ships. Once the scene ends, there should be a group of people near the docks, if there isn’t, get in a fight, or leave the area to make them spawn.

Head over to the group of people to investigate, and you’ll get another scene. You’ll find out that a Black Ship has arrived at the docks which make the populace agitated. A man steps off the Black Ship insisting that it’s time to open the country up. You’ll head over and talk to the peculiar man, and ask what he’s doing here before he drops to his knees saying that he’s seasick. This causes you to look for a way to alleviate his seasickness, but you’re not sure how.

(1 of 2) You can start the substory in South Fushimi Ichibangai near the docks during the day.

You can start the substory in South Fushimi Ichibangai near the docks during the day. (left), Head over to the two gentleman conversing to trigger a scene. (right)

How to Complete Invasion of the Black Ships?

To find out the best method to help with seasickness, you’ll need to speak to the nearby residents to see if they know of any remedies. There are three people you can talk to, the man in front of the seasick sailor, the woman to the left of him, and finally, there is a man to the right. Each of these people will give you the following remedies:

  • Man in front - Give the man Sake
  • Woman to the left - Help him sweat it out
  • Man to the right - Give him umeboshi

(1 of 3) Talk to the man in front of the Black Ship sailor for his useless suggestion of Sake.

The correct remedy is the umeboshi, but you do miss out on a few scenes, and a fight by choosing the umeboshi first. If you don’t have any umeboshi on you, you can purchase some from the Fermented Goods store in Rakunai for 800 mon. The quickest way to get here is to take the Palanquin in Fushimi (west of the docks) to Kurogane Smithing in Rakugai, then follow the path east and north. When you have the umeboshi, make your way back to the suffering sailor, and offer him the goods.

As the sailor devours the umeboshi you gave him, he’ll begin to feel better, and tell you his reason for being here after the introductions. It appears that Monsieur Pony wants to establish trade with Japan, and the stuff he wants to bring back to the west is now…umeboshi.

Just as you two are saying your goodbyes, you’ll be interrupted by an extremist group that goes by the name of Sonno Joui. A battle ensues, and you’ll need to defeat the band of ruffians. This fight is more or less the same as a random encounter and the difficulty will be the same.

(1 of 2) The Fermented Goods Vendor will have umeboshi for sale.

The Fermented Goods Vendor will have umeboshi for sale. (left), Take the Palanquin from Fushimi (west of the docks) to Kurogane Smith then head east and north. (right)

Invasion of the Black Ships? Rewards

Defeat the group, and Pony will thank you again, and offer you a rare crafting material for your troubles which is a Precise Machinery. This ends the substory.

Pony will give you the rare crafting material Precise Machinery for helping him overcome his seasickness.

Icon Name Description
Precise_Machinery_Icon_Like_a_Dragon_Ishin1.png Precise Machinery Gun crafting material. The most advanced mechanical assemblage available machined with the finest precision.
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