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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 34 - The Servile Beggar

Nathan Garvin

Not every inhabitant of Mukurogai is a dangerous criminal - while the area is infested with scum, villains and opportunists, some residents are merely the pathetic downtrodden unfortunates neglected by the rest of society. While their conditions are wretched and some have no hope of succor, others aren’t so far gone - a few acts of inspiring kindness may be all that separates one lowly beggar from starvation and a second shot. This page will cover Substory 34 - The Servile Beggar in Like a Dragon: Ishin!.

(1 of 3) You can find the Servile Beggar just east of the bridge in Mukurogai.

How to Start the Substory The Servile Begger in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

This is a fairly simple Substory to start, just head over to Mukurogai First Floor and head to the north-center. East of the bridge that connects to Rakugai, northeast of the Mukurogai Arms Dealer, you’ll find a beggar sitting in a corner. Talk to him and he’ll beg for food… naturally. Ryoma’s is at first content to ignore the beggar, believing there will be no end to it if he offers some charity. The beggars second, more plaintive plea soften’s Ryoma’s heart, however, starting Substory 34 - The Servile Begger.

How to Complete the Substory The Servile Begger in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

To complete this Substory, just pick the option “I can part with some food.”, then give the beggar any food items you may possess. This is pretty much anything under the “Produce” tab of the “Inventory” menu, and finding such fare isn’t exactly common early-game. You can either grow food at your house if you progress to Chapter 4, but if you’re earlier on the game your options are limited - you’re not likely to find anything edible searching pots on the street.

Fortunately, there’s another option: you can visit the Greengrocer in Fushimi Ichibangai in Fushimi and just buy produce from him. The Beggar isn’t a chooser, so you can bring him the cheapest produce, if you wish to be stingy, and doing business with the Greengrocer will build your bond with him. Since the Greengrocer’s bond is based on the number of transactions, not the amount of money spent, you’re further incentivized to be cheap:

Goods Cost
Cucumber 100
Potato 150
Onion 250
Eggplant 300
Green Onion 250
Ginger 350
Hot Pepper 500
Strawberry 1000

Buy one cucumber and feed it to the Servile Begger to complete this Substory, earning you 225 Virtue in the process. This will also start a bond with the Servile Begger, which you can raise by feeding him more food. The process is simple, return to Fushimi, enter Teradaya (necessary to advance the Servile Beggar’s dialog), then buy one cucumber from the Greengrocer (also boosting his bond). Return to the Sevile Beggar and feed him - repeat until maxed. It should only take several cucumbers to manage this.

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