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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 23 - Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley

Matt Chard

Substories are the wackier stories in the Like A Dragon series, to offshoot the more serious tone of the main story. During Chapter 6 if you walk past the Gambling Den in Rakugai, you’ll get dragged into a situation that starts outside of it. This page will guide you through where to find the substory 23 - Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley, and how to complete it.

Something’s happening outside the Gambler’s Den in Rakugai, what could be going on?

Where to Start Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley

This substory can be started at the beginning of Chapter 6. Head over to the Gambling Den in Rakugai, where you’ll find a poor guy involved in a shakedown from a group of Ronins. The easiest way to get to the gambling den is by using the Palanquin to Rakugai (Kamo River), then following the street west. The poor guy, Haraguchi is pleading for his life as you pass them by, which is where you get involved. You’ll ask them what’s the ruckus, where you’ll have the option to intervene.

Take the Palanquin to Rakugai (Kamo River) and head west to find the Gambler’s Den.

Choose the top option, and after some back and forth, you’ll ready your blade. Just as the Ronins are feeling confident, Okita will come from nowhere (seriously, where did he come from?), and back you up. This causes the cowards to run away, and Haraguchi will thank you for saving his hide. You’ll walk away, and it appears that Haraguchi has taken a shine to you. You may notice that this doesn’t finish the substory, and you’d be right, it doesn’t.

Enter, and exit the Gambler’s Den to get the Gambler to appear.

How to Complete Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley

Enter the Gambling Den and exit it, and you’ll find a Gambler outside. As you approach him, he’ll tell you that the same Ronins causing trouble earlier are now creating a ruckus in Mukurogai, and he’ll ask if they can expect any help from the Shinsengumi.

Head over to Mukurogai from the main gate (need a Doburoku) or via the ferry in Fushimi. If you look on your map, you’ll have a ! on there showing you where the Gambler is. Head over there to talk to him, and he’ll lead you down a dark alley (this doesn’t look promising). Typically, he’s led you to the Ronin group from earlier where you’ll be surrounded by them. After some posturing, you’ll be in a battle with them. Although you’re surrounded, it’s nothing that the Wild Dancer style can’t take care of. This isn’t too different from a regular random battle, it’ll just have a couple of enemies. There really isn’t any strategy for this battle other than heal if your health gets low.

(1 of 2) When you enter Mukurogai, a ! will appear on the map.

When you enter Mukurogai, a ! will appear on the map. (left), This is where you’ll find the Gambler from the Gambler’s Den. (right)

Once you’ve defeated the group, you’ll look finished (even though you kicked their butts), and things will look dire until you hear Okita’s angelic voice. Although Ryoma will think it’s Okita, we both know that it’s Haraguchi who appears to have learned the art of mimicry. This tricks the Ronins to thin that Okita is about to join in on the fray which makes them conclude that they’re not in the state to fight him as well, and they’ll run away.

(1 of 3) The Gambler will lead you into an ambush.

When you go to thank Okita, Haraguchi hurriedly disappears. A bit later, you’ll get a scene in the Shinsengumi Barracks thanking Okita, but he obviously has no idea what you’re talking about which will leave Ryoma puzzled. After the scene, the substory will end.

Okita has no idea what you’re talking about.

Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley Rewards

Unfortunately, this substory doesn’t offer much of a reward other than 350 Virtue, but it is needed for the substory trophies/achievements.

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