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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 02 - Deceitful Deity

Nathan Garvin

Deities can be fickle, and not all are benevolent… and some are downright fraudulent! One especially brazen conman stalks the streets of Rakunai, but is there actual divinity afoot, as well? Find out by completing Substory 2 - Deceitful Deity in Like a Dragon: Ishin! - this page will cover how to find and defeat Dark Ebisu.

(1 of 2) A Weary Doshin on Karasuma Street will tell you about a conman masquerading as Ebisu.

A Weary Doshin on Karasuma Street will tell you about a conman masquerading as Ebisu. (left), To get some leads, find a Kind Old Lady outside of Kamatora on West Shijo Street. (right)

How to Start the Substory Deceitful Deity in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

You can start Substory 2 - Deceitful Deity as early as Chapter 3. Explore Karasuma Street in Rakunai and when you’re walking in front of the Ginryu Dojo you may stumble across a Weary Doshin, who is looking for a conman who is impersonating Ebisu, one of the Seven Lucky Gods. This “Dark Ebisu” is apparently preying on seniors, scamming them out of money, something which Ryoma has no tolerance for.

(1 of 2) The Kind Old Lady will inform you that she saw Ebisu heading towards Teramachi.

The Kind Old Lady will inform you that she saw Ebisu heading towards Teramachi. (left), Specially, seek out an L-shaped street to the east. (right)

How to Find Dark Ebisu

Fortunately you don’t have to go far to find somebody who has seen this Dark Ebisu. Make your way south to West Shijo Street, specifically to the Kamatora shop, in front of which you’ll find a “Kind Old Lady”. Talk to her and she’ll reveal that she met “Ebisu-san”, and tell you that this deity headed east towards Teramachi. Teramachi is split into three sections, none of which are connected to each other, but all of which are contiguous with East Shijo Street. The segment you’re looking for it the westernmost part of Teramachi, an L-shaped street with nothing interesting near it.

You’ll find Dark Ebisu at the corner of this L-shaped street, preying on his next victim. Approach and after some chatter you’ll find yourself in a fight with a wrathful deity, upset you scared off his mark.

(1 of 2) Defeat the conman - Dark Ebisu,

Defeat the conman - Dark Ebisu, (left), after which Ryoma will tell the Kind Old Lady the truth about the deity she saw. (right)

How to Defeat Dark Ebisu

Despite being a rather rotund conman, this deity can fight! Okay, he’s not much more powerful than your average heavy, and he’ll use the same unblockable spinning attacks with his maul, but if these hammer blows land they’ll deal significant damage. Your best bet is to bait Dark Ebisu into attacking, getting out of the way, then when he stops to catch his breath afterwards, sneak back in and try and knock him down, which will allow you to punish him further. Or you could just switch to Gunman and whittle him down with ranged attacks, whichever you prefer.

After the fight, the authorities will drag Dark Ebisu away and the Kind Old Lady from before will show up, not willing to admit that her deity was a fraud. Or was it? Either way, the Substory will end and you’ll get 450 Virtue.

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