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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Nagakura Shinpachi Boss Fight

Jarrod Garripoli

The Like A Dragon series has featured plenty of boss fights that are challenging to the player, and Like A Dragon Ishin is no exception. In Chapter 3, when you reach the Shinsengumi headquarters, you will have to face Nagakura Shinpachi, who is one of the captains in the group.

Shinpachi is the first boss you’ll face in Chapter 3

How to Defeat Nagakura Shinpachi in Like a Dragon: Ishin

First and foremost, despite the size of Shinpachi, he can move fairly quickly, so always be on your guard. The strategy, and fighting style, you use is pretty much dependent on how much you’ve been building them. Brawler can be challenging to use, as you can’t make use of your normal weapons, but it is very quick and you have use of a parry without needing to do any extra content. Likewise, Wild Dancer can be very tantalizing, due to its quick movements and flurry of attacks. Swordsman can be great to use, especially if you have upgraded your katana. Gunman is similar, although you will need to keep a distance, since guns tend to not make enemies flinch all too much, unless you use special bullets.

(1 of 2) His straight sword stab move comes out pretty quickly

His straight sword stab move comes out pretty quickly (left), Dodging to the side, then attacking is the best option (right)

One attack you will want to watch out for is the straight stabbing thrust, as it is quick and the range is deceptively long. It can be used by itself, but you might see it as a four-hit combo. Should he use the latter combo, this will likely break your guard, so you will probably take damage from the final hit of it. Your best bet during this battle is to hold down R1/RB to focus on Shinpachi, as this will make it easier to simply dodge his attacks. In the first part of the battle, he can also do two sword slashes in succession.

As his health gets lower, Shinpachi will gain an aura around his body (similar to when you have Heat available to use), which will give him some new attacks. He can do the stabbing attack mentioned above, but three times in a row. You might also see Shinpachi do a running stab attack, but if this one hits you, the sword will stay stuck in you and he’ll continue running, then toss you aside. This attack can hurt, since you will constantly take damage during it, instead of just getting hit once. That’s why it’s best to avoid being too aggressive here, in this battle.

(1 of 2) His stab grab move will keep you pinned to his sword

His stab grab move will keep you pinned to his sword (left), He will then toss you to the side at the end of the move (right)

Taking your time and dodging Shinpachi’s attacks is the way to go, since you can focus on him with the buttons outlined above, then dodge to the side whenever he attacks. This will give you an opening to get a few hits in, but if you keep attacking relentlessly, Shinpachi will either dodge himself or simply parry your attacks. If you stick to this tactic, things should go a lot easier for you, but you should always have a couple of healing items in your inventory, in case your health gets too low.

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