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Like a Dragon: Ishin

How to Get the Snowcap Katana Early

Nathan Garvin

Ryoma has three primary weapons in Like a Dragon: Ishin! - his fists, a katana and a gun. Aside from leveling up and placing orbs on your various ability grids, acquiring new weapons (or upgrading old ones) is one of your primary ways of getting stronger. Finding new weapons doesn’t always have to be a process of linear, incremental gains, however - some unseasonably powerful weapons can be found quite early, if you know where to look. This page will cover how to obtain the Snowcap katana, an exclusive DLC weapon for PlayStation players.

(1 of 3) Download the Snowcap katana from the PlayStation store,

How to Get the Snowcap Katana in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Since the Snowcap katana is an exclusive DLC weapon for PlayStation players, before you can get the weapon in-game, you must download it out-of-game. Go to the store page for Like a Dragon: Ishin! and search through its available DLC to find the Snowcap katana, which should be a free download that only requires you to own the PlayStation version of the game. Download and install it, then start up the game.

To redeem DLC - including the Snowcap katana - you must visit Bakumatsu Bob on the southeastern end of the ground floor of Teradaya inn, in Fushimi. The earliest you can do this is in Chapter 2, after you reach Kyo. Skip the starting scenes and conversation and eventually you’ll find yourself in a Dojo along the northwestern corner of Fushimi. Defeat the students at the Dojo and you’ll have another conversation, after which you’ll be out on the street. At this point you’ll have no choice but to run across an encounter where a Shinto Priest is being harassed by some ronin - defeat them and you’ll get a tutorial on Virtue and Diligence Records, after which you’ll finally be free to roam about.

(1 of 3) Talk to Bakumatsu Bob at Teradaya inn,

Head back to Teradaya inn and talk to Bakumatsu Bob, then scroll down through the list of DLC he offers. At the bottom should be the Snowcap katana - select it and save your game, after which you’ll have this new weapon in your inventory, free to equip at your whim. This Snowcap katana boasts 340 Attack, which is a far sight better than your starting Yoshiyuki’s 80, and in the early chapters, this is an overpoweringly strong weapon. Enjoying dicing your enemies to bits with ease.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin is set in 1860’s Japan during the Bakumatsu era at the end of the Edo Period. Take up the sword of Sakamoto Ryoma, framed for killing his father, and restore honor to his name while dealing with the political intrigue that he gets thrown in to. This guide for Like a Dragon: Ishin contains the following:

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