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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Substory 39 - A Clean Streak

Nathan Garvin

Thieves like to prey on the vulnerable, and when is a man more vulnerable than during a bath? Of course, “vulnerable” doesn’t mean “helpless”, as one hapless thief discovers after pilfering Ryoma’s unmentionables! This page will provide a walkthrough for Substory 39 - A Clean Streak, giving information on how to catch the thief and avoid the authorities afterwards in Like a Dragon: Ishin!.

(1 of 2) You’ll find the Harima Bathhouse in Yashikimachi, Fushimi.

You’ll find the Harima Bathhouse in Yashikimachi, Fushimi. (left), Just getting close will prompt Ryoma to desire a bath, starting this Substory. (right)

How to Start the Substory A Clean Sweep in Like A Dragon: Ishin!

During Chapter 3 you can return to Yashikimachi in Fushimi, a region that winds through the west-center part of the district. Just west of the Fukufuku Pub you’ll find the Harima bathhouse, which Ryoma visited before in Chapter 2 - it’s where you encountered the Large Man. Despite this, Ryoma acts like it’s some novel establishment. Indulge his desire for a dip to start this Substory.

(1 of 2) After his bath, an opportunistic thief will steal Ryoma’s clothes.

After his bath, an opportunistic thief will steal Ryoma’s clothes. (left), Chase the thief through Fushimi and catch him - success is largely a matter of having upgraded your sprinting stamina. (right)

How to Catch the Thief in A Clean Sweep

After his bath, Ryoma will enjoy some alcohol, as one does, and during his post-ablution sake he’ll notice a thief brazenly stealing his clothes! Not one to let a little nudity get in the way of justice, Ryoma bounces after the thief, despite the bathhouse receptionist’s warnings. What follows is a pretty standard chase, and really the difficulty here just depends on how much you’ve upgraded your sprinting ability at shrines. With just a few sprinting upgrades you should have no trouble keeping up with the thief and catching him… probably overtaking him somewhere in Fushimi Ichibangai, due to his head start.

Catch the thief by pressing DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-ButtonB-Filled when you’re close, and you’ll get a scene where the tables are turned on Ryoma due to an overly diligent patrol of meddling moralists. Suffice to say, they can’t see the forest for the tree when it comes to Ryoma’s nudity, and start pursuing him.

(1 of 2) After catching the thief, the commotion will cause a patrol to get involved.

After catching the thief, the commotion will cause a patrol to get involved. (left), Viewing nudity as the more overt crime, they’ll chase Ryoma - hide after breaking their line of sight, then return to the Harima Bathhouse. (right)

How to Escape the Patrol

Now the tables are turned and you have to escape. The fundamentals of this pursuit are similar to the chase in Chapter 2 - you need to put distance between yourself and your pursuers, ideally by rounding corners and breaking the line of sight, and once you’ve managed to elude the patrol, take cover in some scenery elements by pressing DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-ButtonB-Filled when prompted. This won’t end the chase sequence, but it will prevent the patrols from actively hounding you - they’ll still be wandering about, and if they see you again, the chase will resume. It’s best if you run into the western parts Fushimi, as it’ll put you somewhat near your destination - the Harima bathhouse. Shake your pursuers, then slink back into the bathhouse to end the chase.

Once you’ve made it back to the Harima Bathhouse you’ll get another scene, where the patrol catches up to you and apologizes. They’ll give you a Crystal and you’ll earn 450 Virtue for completing this Substory.

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