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Like a Dragon: Ishin

Okada Izo Boss Fight

Nathan Garvin

Ryoma will make many enemies on his quest for vengeance, but none, perhaps, are more petty and persistent as Okada Izo. You’ll have to face this nuisance again during Chapter 2, shortly after traveling to Mukurogai at the behest of a man wearing a straw hat. This page will provide strategies for defeating Okada Izo in Like a Dragon: Ishin!, including a description of Okada Izo’s moves and the best style to use to counter them.

In Chapter 2, shortly after defeating the Large Man you’ll eventually have to travel to Mukurogai. When you arrive, head west to find the Mahjong Spot, then turn north and head past some stairs which you can’t ascend right now, then turn east to find the man in the straw hat who talked you back in Fushimi. He’ll reveal himself to be none other than Okada Izo, whom you’ll have to defeat again.

(1 of 2) Cut down Okada Izo’s minions,

Cut down Okada Izo’s minions, (left), but be wary of Izo, who will opportunistically attack while your back is turned. (right)

How to Defeat Okada Izo in Mukurogai

Despite being a potentially dangerous enemy, Okada Izo isn’t a complicated one. Before you turn your attention to Izo, however, you should dispatch several of his cronies, a crutch he refuses to dispense with. As usual, the Wild Dancer style is arguably the best for this fight, as it’ll allow you to dish out damage quickly and dodge whenever Izo tries to score any opportunistic attacks while you’re clearing out his goons. Settling for simple four-hit combos before spamming dodge is a good way to cut down Izo’s allies while also dodging his inevitable charges.

(1 of 2) The Wild Dancer style allows Ryoma to easily dodge Izo’s attacks,

The Wild Dancer style allows Ryoma to easily dodge Izo’s attacks, (left), and retaliate with short combos of his own. (right)

Once Izo is isolated, turn your attention onto him. He’s got a variety of attacks, including a leaping downward slash (much like your charged Finishing Blow in the Swordsman style), a spinning lunge (can be used as part of a charge, after a dodge, or during a combo), a powerful but slow sweep attack and more. Most of these attacks can be used to append a charge, and many can combo into each other. They’re not terribly fast and most of them can be dodged fairly easily with the Wild Dancer style (especially if you double dodge - a few of his attacks have deceptively horizontal range), but if you get caught by an attack, Izo may follow up with a combo and hit you several times in succession. He doesn’t deal grievous damage with each hit, but the damage stacks up quickly, and if you find yourself on the end of a bad combo Izo can easily peel off a third or more of your HP with a single combo.

(1 of 2) While Izo’s attacks are generally not difficult to dodge, a mistake can allow him to land a lengthy, damaging combo.

While Izo’s attacks are generally not difficult to dodge, a mistake can allow him to land a lengthy, damaging combo. (left), Izo has no ranged attacks of his own, but will likely block most bullets shot at him. (right)

Dodge Izo’s attacks, counter with a short combo of your own - he’ll interrupt longer combos with counterattacks or start blocking - then get some distance and wait for him to charge. Rinse, wash, repeat. Ranged attacks may seem tempting, as Izo has no ranged option of his own, but swords are quasi-magical in this game, and Izo’s implement of war is no exception, allowing him to advance at full pace while deflecting bullets. It works if you’re willing to do a lot of dodging, but you should expect Izo to block more shots than he takes.

When reduced to around 1/3 of his health, Okada Izo will perform an attack that can only be mitigated by succeeding at a QTE.

When reduced to around one third of his health, Izo will adopt a novel sword stance and prepare an attack that you can only block if you succeed at a QTE. The button prompt varies, so be ready for this attack shortly after Izo’s health bar is half depleted. You gain no advantage for passing this QTE check, aside from avoiding the damage that Izo would otherwise deal. After the QTE is avoided (or endured, as the case may be), continue pressuring Izo until he’s defeated.

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