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Lost Sphear

Imperial Capital Watt

Jarrod Garripoli

Once inside the capital, Galdra will point out the important locations, such as the blacksmith, inn and Magic Consortium. The first two are self-explanatory and if you don’t remember the third option, then it’s where you’ll be able to trade memories for new Spritnite. Don’t go into the Magic Consortium yet, though, as that is where you will advance the story. Head into the inn first to find some sparkle bits, one of which should be an actual dish. While you’re there, speak to the NPC behind the counter on the right side to see that you can purchase dishes, but you need to have the required ingredients, which you likely don’t at this time. There is one more thing to do with this NPC, which is the bottom option of “Seek Ingredients.” It wasn’t talked about in Elgarthe, but each chef in an inn will offer to make you a dish if you bring them back a specific ingredient, with the one in Watt wanting a Sunset Tomato, which you don’t have yet.

(1 of 2) The chefs at the inns will usually ask for an ingredient that puts an extra dish on the menu

The chefs at the inns will usually ask for an ingredient that puts an extra dish on the menu (left), Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment at the shop (right)

Exit the inn and head on over to the armory, which is just to the east of the inn. There are two NPCs here, one that sells equipment and the other sells just items. Depending on the amount of money you have, upgrade the equipment for everyone, as everything should be an upgrade. If you have any money left over, then feel free to restock on items and note the item merchant sells the Medical Case, which is the upgraded version of the Medical Kit, the item that recovers HP/MP at a save point/on the world map.

From the armory, travel all the way east to find a large elevator, which brings you to an isolated area. When you arrive, there is a chest to the left of the stairs on the left side of the elevator, which contains a Panacea, an item that cures all debuffs. There’s also a sparkle item on the ground up the stairs, so snatch it and then head back to the main area of town. West of the elevator are some stairs that lead north, so take those and you’ll come across a sparkle item on a bench. Continue west to the split, then go inside the house to the north, which has another sparkle item on the ground floor.

Travel west once more to a small clearing, then north and down the stairs you come across at the fork. This leads to an area where you find a lost building, which you can’t do anything about right now. There is a sparkle item here, though, but the house you can enter has nothing. Return to the previous fork and continue northeast to another clearing. The NPC named Diequius at the top will offer bits of advice on some battle actions if you speak with him, some of which you haven’t actually come across yourself yet (like changing party members in battle). Keep going to the east, grabbing the sparkle item from the booth, then enter the house here to find a chest upstairs, which has 2 Ethers.

You’re almost done exploring Watt for now, but there’s one more thing to see before you fulfill Locke’s desire to visit the Magic Consortium. From the house you just plundered, head south to see that you’ve come back to the armory/item shop. However, there is a hidden path behind the one building to the east of the armory, which leads to small area with another chest (3 Red Spritnites). Alright, you’re finished pilfering the various goods from the town, so double back to the inn and travel north to find the Magic Consortium on your right. Speak with the vendor behind the counter to initiate a scene, then exit the building for another.

(1 of 2) There is a hidden path behind one of the buildings

There is a hidden path behind one of the buildings (left), leading to a chest with Red Spritnite, a material you will be able to use to upgrade equipment (right)

It appears that Locke had his wallet (thank the heavens nothing of value was lost) pickpocketed by a kid and you need to hunt him down. Note that you can enter the Magic Consortium to actually purchase new spritnite, but you don’t have the memories to actually get anything new. It is nice to know that Kanata will get Aura, a healing skill, though. Back to the task at hand, your party suggests asking the guards around the town to see if they have seen the kids at all. Luckily, there is a guard close to the Magic Consortium, who is named Litencio and is standing next to a lamppost just northwest of the consortium.

That guard wasn’t much help, so Van suggests asking at a place with food, so it’s time to return to the inn. The man in white in the northeast has the information you want (name is Flacco), who tells you a quick story then runs off without providing any actual thing to go on. As you attempt to leave, the innkeeper will stop you and mention that there is no known pickpocket from Watt, so he suggests either Elgarthe or Maarport. Since you know there’s none in Elgarthe, the next destination is Maarport, which is to the north of the capital. You can now leave via the northern exit of the town, so head that way.

The location of the guard who you need info from in order to progress the main story

Exploring the Command Base

The first thing you will notice is that you’re “inside” of the large town area. To the north of you is the Imperial Palace and while you can enter the area, you can’t actually go inside the palace and there’s nothing to loot. However, adjacent to the palace is the Command Base and there’s quite a few things you grab here, so head inside. At the first fork, go right to find a sparkle item at the end, which should be some money usually. Head back to the fork and north this time, to another split, this one being three ways.

Go east first, ignoring the southeastern path (nothing there) and up the northeastern stairs. This will bring you to a new area, with a ship you could seemingly board, but not really. However, there is another sparkle item here, as well as a chest that is partially obscured by the railing and barrels (2 M Potions). Double back to the split on the previous screen and travel the western path this time. This will bring you to another fork, with the southern taking you to a guard tower with a sparkle item on it. Return to the fork and descend the stairs, grabbing the blue sparkle behind the small building, then venturing to the south (guard won’t let you go north) to eventually find a chest in the lower corner (Medical Kit).

You can get back to the main area by heading east from the previous chest and using the ladder to climb back near the entrance. There’s only one path left to take now, which brings you to inside the actual base. Pass the save point and there will be one final split here, with the right path bringing you to an elevator. At the top, follow the hallway to a room, where you’ll happen upon two chests. One contains 2,000G, but the other is locked – how unfortunate, but it must contain something nice if it’s locked! Ride the elevator back down and go the other way, which leads to the jail area. There’s not anything to do here, but you can find a chest in the top left corner for a Phoenix Tear. That’s all you can do here at the base, so exit to the world map and be on your way to Maarport.

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