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Lost Sphear

Mirror Lake

Jarrod Garripoli

Upon entering Mirror Lake, your party will remark on how beautiful it is (it really is and even better looking at night). This place is rather open-ended compared to other dungeons, so it can be a little confusing getting around it. There is an encounter not too far northwest from the entrance, so get that out of your way first. Start off by following the eastern edge of the map north and when you get to the top, you will see some “stairs” bringing you to an “upper level.” There is a sparkle item on the stairs, so grab it and follow the northern edge of the map now.

You’ll come to a chest, which contains a Flora Bow. Return to the main entrance of the lake and follow the southern edge of it to your west. You’ll drop down to a lower area via some stairs, where some enemies will be waiting for you. Take out that group and look south of them to find another chest (Single Stroke), which has a weapon for Galdra. You’re about done exploring the place, but if you wish to pick up the sparkles, then there is the one in the northeast corner, on the stairs. The second, which is a bit harder to find, is on some stairs on the eastern side of the map, on the way to the northeast corner. When you’re ready to go, travel to the northwest corner for a save point (another sparkle just to the left of it), then try to leave via the exit nearby for some scenes and a boss fight.

BOSS - Gears (2)

This battle against Gears isn’t as bad as the first one, since it seems he likes to mostly use Break Trigger, an electric skill that can inflict Effect Amp, which means that you may receive a follow up attack if you attack Gears with an inflicted character. Other than that new move, Gears still has the same moveset as in the previous battle. Launch hits in a straight line, while Immolation does the same, but with fire and it’s probably the most damaging attack. Then, there is Chaos Blow, the attack that can hit everyone multiple times for a good 100 damage or so.

There isn’t much to the battle with Gears, as it’s pretty straightforward. He seems to mostly use Break Trigger and Launch, so space your characters out enough to avoid the straight line, although he can always get two of them should he want to. Remember that Gears is weak to both water and thunder, so use those to whittle down his health, while keeping yours above 200 at all times. As is the case against every other boss, Kanata’s Calamity and Guardian work wonders in reducing the damage Gears does, and his Aura is great to heal multiple people.

After the battle is over, some important scenes will happen, then you will get into another battle with Gears. Note that you receive a Vulcopack B from the previous battle, which will boost your VP count, but you will have to wait for it to take effect.

BOSS - Gears (3)

You shouldn’t be expecting much in this rematch, as Gears has a lot less health than the previous one. Gears has Snipe, which can up his critical hit rate. The only other thing that seems to have changed is that Launch can spread out, but that may be just because of the critical hit proccing. Now, the moves do quite a bit of damage, so keep an eye on your health at all times and heal when necessary. However, the battle shouldn’t really last too long, especially if you utilize the weak elements.

More scenes will occur in the aftermath of the second battle, with Locke rejoining your party once everything is said and done. Feel free to grab the sparkle behind you when you can move, then exit Mirror Lake to the left. Once on the world map, Graccia’s capital city will be to your north, but before heading there, you will notice a Lost Point to the west, as well as another to your east. Make some new artifacts at these two points, and you will clear some of the lost in the area. The one uncovered by the eastern point will allow you to grab another artifact knowledge (Pick-Me-Up).

Enter the Royal Capital Marche to see that the lost phenomenon is pretty widespread. There are paths you can explore, but they lead to literally nothing, so just head north from the entrance to trigger more scenes. When you finally get control back, follow the path to the left until you reach the spot shown prior. Kanata is incapacitated and Van is not in your party for right now, so remake your party as fit and don’t forget to include a healer (Sherra). Exit Graccia, where it is pointed out that your trip will return you to Wyllia.

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