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Lost Sphear

Royal Capital Marche

Jarrod Garripoli

Before you head on over to Graccia, you’re going to need a few select memories in order to fix the kingdom of Graccia. Wisdom Memories are something you can’t farm, but you should have enough from just playthrough the game. However, the other memory, Water Memories, might be something you don’t have. They are dropped by Sherbetty and Wuminsyn, the normal monsters. The former can be found in Mirror Lake, while the latter can be found in Shipsink; of the two, Wuminsyn seems to drop them more frequently, so your best bet is to return to Shipsink and farm them for the memories.

You need five Water Memories, so once you have them, revisit Marche to initiate a scene and restore it when prompted. When everything is said and done, the city will be back to normal and you’ll be free to explore it now (and loot everything you can grab). From the bridge that acts as the entrance, follow the southern edge to the east and you’ll come upon a lost chest (needs 2 Reflection Memories and 2 Border Memories). Restore it and open it up for 4 M Ethers, then venture to the southwest corner for a sparkle item.

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Return to the main road of the city, near the entrance, and not far north will be the shops and inn. Head inside the inn first and grab all the goodies, then speak with the chef to find out which ingredient he is seeking. He wants a Snail Leaf and luckily, you should be able to procure one from the very town itself (and also Mirror Lake). If you do manage to get one, then hand it over to receive a Leaf Salad dish, which is nice because it increases monet and drop rate. Exit the inn and enter the shops next, where you might want to do some shopping.

Bulking Up The Party

There are new weapons for five of your party members, as well as some new armor. Of particular interest is the fact that a new equipment upgrade spritnite is available, costing a hefty 7,500G to purchase. Note that the Gore Vest offers instant death resistance, but the Exotic Vest resists confusion and slow. Both are great and the defense increase from upgrading the former might not be worth it. The same might hold true for the weapons, as might only get a miniscule increase in attack/magic power over your currently equipped weapons. Anyway, the choice is yours and if you have money to spare, then go ahead with it.

If you look at the items, you see there are two new ones for purchase, X Potions and X Ethers. The latter aren’t all too important, but the former are great items to have in a pinch. The magic consortium might have a few options available and you might want to start thinking about endgame setups. Love Axiom is great for keeping your party alive, especially when paired with the () artifact. Power Wave is good for keeping the ATB bar filled, which means more actions for that character, while Holy Flash can be used to make sure you can continually use skills.

Fate Path is great for filling up the MC of everyone, and Soothsayer will increase your attack power by bypassing the target’s defenses. Death Boost is absolutely fantastic when paired with something like Sherra’s Sonic Rain, as each hit will trigger the instant death proc. For more survivability, you could go with Power Down to reduce the enemy’s physical attack and Magic Down to reduce their magical attack. The last two works best against bosses, since you shouldn’t be spending more than a minute on regular foes.

Cleaning Out Marche

Back to the task on hand, exit the shop and continue following the main road north, until you get to a bridge, where you will witness a short scene. There are two houses you can enter on either side, so start with the one on the right to find a sparkle. There will be another sparkle at the chicken coop just east of the prior house, and another south of the house. Return to the previous spot and enter the other house to find a chest, which contains a nice 5,000G. If you look above the house, you will spot a sparkle next to a rock.

That’s about all you can gather outside in the town, so head north and into the castle for a scene. Once it’s over, Van’s father will give you the Royal Key and you will appear just outside of the throne room. Go south from here until you find the save point, then travel east and north to find another room. Inside of this room will be two chests, which will contain a Gore Vest and 10 Silver Coins. There is another chest in the corner, but it is lost and you don’t have the required memories to restore it yet. That’s it for here, so exit and make your way to the opposite side, where the entrance to the Archives will be.


Well, the first room here isn’t too inviting, as you shortly encounter enemies as you move north (Gray Phantoms). Not much more north will be a purple sparkle on a bookshelf, so grab it to get yourself the Iron Falls artifact knowledge. Continue on for a short scene, where a door locked with magic or something will be impeding your progress. There are two pedestals in front of the door, but they seem to be missing whatever goes on top of them. Pay no mind to the inscriptions on the pedestals and go on your merry way by heading west, up the stairs.

More Phantoms will be waiting at the top, plus there is a suspicious looking statue on the north end of the room. Interact with the statue after the battle to get a Warrior Statue. Continue south to another room, where you can either go south or west. For now, head west to find more Phantoms and another statue, this one being the Swordsman Statue. Grab it and continue south, netting yourself another artifact knowledge (Lore Altar) and a chest on the southern side of the room (Full Heal). The last room here only has some more Phantom enemies.

Return to the pedestals and put the Swordsman Statue on the left one, which will open the gate to your right. There will be nothing in the first room, as the statue on the northern end seems to be missing. Journey south twice to find some new monsters mixed with the Phantoms, with these being Mountain Shroombacks. Defeat them and go east one room, where you’ll find a chest on the southern side, which has 3 Gold Spritnite in it. Go north to find more enemies, as well as the Sage Statue, so snatch it.

Continue right and down to find a lone enemy, an Empy. This enemy has quite a bit of health, but it is susceptible to instant death. Upon defeating it, you should have noticed it dropped the Hunter Statue, which is the one that was missing earlier. Two rooms north of the Empy is an empty room with another artifact knowledge (Geld Altar) and a chest with a Good Luck Bow inside. That’s all the exploring you’ll need to do here, so return to the pedestals and place the Hunter Statue on the right one, which will finally open the door. Go through, grab the Afterlife artifact knowledge, then save the game and prepare for a boss fight.

BOSS - Necronom

There are two things that should be noticed right off the bat with this boss battle, with the obvious one being that Necronom has allies with him at the beginning. All of these enemies are rather weak, but you should take them out immediately because they will blast you will spells. Note that the boss can summon more of them throughout the battle, but only one at a time. The other thing you should take heed of is the counter in the upper right of the screen. It starts at 10 and will count down one-by-one for each of the main boss’ turns. Should it reach zero, then Necronom will use Time Slip, resetting the battle as if you restarted it, but there is a problem.

The problem is that your HP and MP are restored, so you are stuck with whatever they were prior to Time Slip. Luckily, unless you are either underleveled or toying with the boss, the turn counter shouldn’t pose any threat. Necronom likes to use status ailments, particular slow and stop, to hinder your party. The former is applied individually or party-wide with Arcane Uros or Arcane Oruros, respectively. The latter is applied with Demonry Patos or Demonry Orpatos (single or party, respectively). Should you get either on any characters, then use Sherra’s Refresh or a Panacea.

Outside of those, Necronom has other attacks that will deal damage to mostly your HP, with one draining a character’s MP. Both Evil Mind Staff and Moonlight seem to target a single character, while Rainbow and Sunshine will hit everyone (Sunshine seems to be weaker than Rainbow). One of the more annoying skills is called Ape Mind Staff, where Necronom will hit a single character and drain a good portion of their MP. Lastly, it seems when the boss is near death, it will use Stardust, which is three attacks that target characters randomly, so it could one person three times or three different characters for one hit each.

There is one other trick Necronom has up his sleeve, which comes in the form of Magic Siege. If he uses this, then he’ll get two extra turns immediately one after another, but these don’t use the turns in the upper right. Your goal in this fight is to get rid of the extra enemies as quickly as possible in the beginning, then lay on the damage before the turn limit is exhausted. You can do the usual Calamity to limit the damage you take, plus X-Heal to recover, with some help from the Love Axiom spritnite. If you took the advice earlier in procuring some of the other Momentum Spritnite, then this battle shouldn’t take too long.

Upon defeating the boss, you will gain some new artifact spritnite (Den of Chaos, Gear Shrine, and Time Keep). Some scenes will occur and you will eventually get the Weapon Plan, which is what you came to the Archives for in the first place. You can now leave and return back to Watt. Head to the throne room in the palace and speak with Plana to initiate a scene, with your next objective being to head to the Lunar Kiln.

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