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Lost Sphear

Salny Village

Jarrod Garripoli

As previously mentioned, Salny is located on the big island in the northwest portion of the world map, with the dock being on the southern side. While the game wants you to visit the village, take some time to explore the island itself. On the northern side is the fire spritnite column, netting you the Paradigm Drive for Van’s vulcosuit, Vigilance. Depending on the skill spritnite equipped, you will be able to perform different attacks. Also, while Vigilance is ongoing, various effects are triggered when conditions are met. You will also receive the Eternal link skill, and the Eredisfata artifact knowledge.

Speaking of artifact knowledge, there are a little batch of trees just southeast of the spritnite column, which are obscuring the Black Luck one. West of the column is some ruins-like area on the map called Sal Garthr. Don’t enter it yet, as you will be visiting it shortly, but there is a Lost Point right next to it, so you will be able to create another artifact. Follow the western coastline south after restoring that lost to find another Lost Point on the southwestern edge of the island.

There is one final thing to do on this island before advancing the plot. Northeast of the previous Lost Point is Salny Refuge, which is kind of like a little town. There is a third Lost Point right next to the Refuge, so create another artifact before heading inside. There are two small huts towards the top of the village, and the right one will have a sparkle that contains new artifact knowledge, Hyperion. Head inside the inn next and check out the chef’s ingredient request, which happens to be some Rain Salmon. You probably don’t have it right now, so ignore it.

The good stuff is in the other big tent, which has the equipment vendor. He has new weapons and armor for your characters, as well as a new upgrade spritnite. That means a lot of money can be spent here, although you probably don’t really have much, unless you happened to come across plenty of the rare Bobbs. If the weapons/armor don’t offer an increase over what you’re currently wearing, then don’t bother. You can also check out the Magic Consortium, but he doesn’t offer any new spritnite for you than what you’ve already seen. That’s about all you can do right now, so exit and enter the village of Salny.

Salny Village

Upon entering the place, you see things aren’t exactly well, with fire being widespread and all. When you regain control, head north to find some monsters attacking a village, so you take it upon yourself to get rid of them…permanently. The first fight is against three Jaboos, which you’ve probably fought in Shipsink, so they’re nothing new. After taking them out, you decide to continue on, but the road to the north is blocked off, so you’ll have to head east. You’ll encounter another monster harassing a villager, but this one is shot by some drone-type thing.

You’ll be pitted against this Reconbot, which honestly goes down pretty quick. Keep going and you’ll find more Reconbots, but you can actually sneak up on them this time. After thinning the second group down to nothing, continue in the same direction to find an even bigger group of Reconbots. It’s important to make your characters HP and MP are topped off before finishing this battle, as you’ll be forced to fight a boss after a short scene occurs.

BOSS - Zemrode

He is back and this fight is for real, with Zemrode opting to showcase his physical prowess. Zemrode is still very quick and he’ll likely begin with White Rose Stance, which doesn’t hurt your health, but actually reduces your MP. Next up is Stab Rampage, which hits one character multiple times, usually doing 80 damage on normal difficulty. Black Rose Stance is an annoying move, as not only does it combine the two effects of the previous skills, but it will also heal him. Red Rose Stance is a powerful physical attack that can hit multiple characters, as is Full Thrust, although not as powerful as the former. Impale is a single-target physical attack.

This fight can be annoying, simply because Zemrode can deplete a character’s MP to zero with no effort sometimes. You will also want to position your characters not too close to one another, as some of the boss’ moves can hit more than one character. Healing will be key here, especially if Zemrode focuses on a single character with his stronger skills, so be ready with both Kanata and Sherra (if you brought both along). Kanata’s Calamity is golden here, since it inflicts Physical Mar, but if you have anyone else with that Momentum spritnite along, don’t forget to use it.

After the battle is over, someone else decides to crash the little party and once his demonstration is finished, the empire will retreat. There’s not much left for you to do here, so keep heading west and then south to arrive back at the entrance. Exit Selny and feel free to take a breather at Selny Refuge to heal up and everything, as you’ll be heading to Sal Garthr next.

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