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Trophy Guide (2)

Jarrod Garripoli

Damage-Related Trophies

Doing 500 and 1,000 damage with a single attack is likely not going to likely happen until the end of the game, as you might need some specific setups with sublimations or use certain skills. One of the easier options for this is with Obaro, since he has access to all of the elements and can hit enemy weaknesses. Once you get a stronger weapon and upgrade it, you can use his Paradigm Drive in conjunction with the enemy’s weakness. For example, if you are facing an enemy weak to water, then you will use the Poseidon Paradigm Drive. With a critical, you will most likely get this later in the game.

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Eye of Truth

You will need to attack an enemy’s weakness 15 times for this trophy to pop. Obaro is the best character to use for this, since he has access to so many elements. You know you hit a weak spot, as the damage number will be yellow. While this will probably come naturally, since you want to deal the most damage possible, you could always concentrate on a single enemy, respawning them by exiting the area, and hitting its weak point repeatedly.

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Critical Striker

Every time you attack an enemy, there is a chance for it to be a critical hit. You will know this occurs, as it will say it in the top right corner of the screen, plus the damage numbers will turn yellow (similar to what happens when you hit a weak spot). While this will come natural during gameplay, you can help it along with certain artifacts. Zone Gate will increase critical hit rate when activating Momentum Mode, Spirit Lore increases critical hit rate at the cost of reduced defense, and Wintia will increase the rate of critical hits when you wear a vulcosuit in battle.

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Eye of Evasion

Similar to critical hits, you have a chance to evade when an enemy attacks you. You don’t have to do anything for this to happen, as it’s done automatically. There are two artifacts you can use to increase your evasion rate, with one being Constantia, which increases all allies’ evasion rate when you wear a vulcosuit in battle. The other is Prognostic, which increases it at the cost of reduced defense. You need a total of 10 evasions in order to get this trophy.

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Momentum Trophies

In the Freedom from the Abyss trophy, there was a short description telling you how Momentum Mode and Charges work. Whenever you attack an enemy, you will see a blue flash and it is at this moment that you want to press the Square button to use a Momentum Charge. The easiest way to always get a MC at the start of a battle is by initiating a pre-emptive strike, which you can do by simply touching an enemy from behind when it’s on the field (or by using the Foresight artifact). Activate Momentum Mode 10 times to get Momentum Master and for Seeker of Momentum, it will likely happen during a boss battle (use Momentum Mode four times in a single battle).

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Sublimation Trophies

For the two Sublimation trophies, you will need to purchase Momentum Spritnite from any Magic Consortium and insert it into the slot to the right of the skill spritnite. Whenever you initiate Momentum Mode with that skill, there is a small change that a sublimation will happen. What this does is basically attaches a weaker version of the Momentum Spritnite to that skill, so whenever you use the skill without that particular spritnite linked to it, you will still gain some effect. Do this 10 times to get Seeker of Sublimation.

For the other trophy, Master of Spritnite, you need to get sublimations on a single skill spritnite to its maximum level, which is ten. There is a catch, though, as the maximum sublimation that can happen with a single Momentum Spritnite is four. So, using Null Boost as an example, you can have it sublimate a total of four times. It can be a bit confusing at first, but whenever you highlight a skill in the menu, you can see any sublimations on the right and the number of them next to that. Using that little bit of knowledge, you will need at least three different Momentum Spritnites to get this trophy, getting four with the first, four with the second and two with the third (or four, three and three).

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Vulcosuit Master

For this trophy, you will need to use all 74 Paradigm Drives in the game, which are special skills you have access to when using a vulcosuit in battle. Before anything else, you will need to activate all eight of the spritnite columns, so look at the Knower of the World trophy for their locations (you get your main Paradigm Drive from those). Once you have activated those, then you will need to obtain all skill spritnites for every character, except for Kanata, including their sidequest ones. Kanata’s Paradigm Drives are different, as you need the other party members, and his last two are story related.

It is best to stick to one character and do each one, so you don’t get confused. When you get the Library artifact, create that so you can recover at any save point. It doesn’t really matter where you go, but a place with weaker enemies might be better so you don’t end up dying or something.

Kanata’s Drives How To Do
Eternal Co-Op with Van
Innocence Co-Op with Lumina
Judgment Co-Op with Obaro
Sanctuary Co-Op with Sherra
Absolute Co-Op with Dianto
Ultimabuster Co-Op with Locke
Slicing Blade Co-Op with Galdra
X-Strike Co-Op with any other member
Momentum Strike Co-Op with two other members
Eclipse Co-Op with all active members
Lumina’s Drives How To Do
Void Blast Divinity + Air Blast
Caloric Rise Divinity + Ignis Rise
Terra Bind Divinity + Earth Bind
Palm Beam+ Divinity + Palm Beam
Mirage Moon Divinity + Tear Moon
Lightning Arc Divinity + Lightning
Mech God Divinity + Phase
Super Glint Divinity + Glint
Divine Break Divinity + Phantom Break
Eternal Light Divinity + Holy Tenet
Van’s Drives How To Do
Gallatin Vigilance + Target Ray
Tyrfing Vigilance + Darkness
Aroundight Vigilance + Accelerate
Gae Bolg Vigilance + Hermit
Dainsleif Vigilance + Huge Shell
Excalibur Vigilance + Ignition
Caduceus Vigilance + Grim End
Brionac Vigilance + Epic Crack
Aegis Vigilance + Energize
Gungnir Vigilance + Signature
Obaro’s Drives How To Do
Vulcan Attunement + Flame
Poseidon Attunement + Aqua
Anemoi Attunement + Gale Force
Gaia Attunement + Quake
Zeus Attunement + Spark
Chaos Attunement + Venom
Minerva Attunement + Hollow
Chronos Attunement + Gravity
Hades Attunement + Shadow
Uranus Attunement + Meteor
Sherra’s Drives How To Do
Oratorio Heal + Refresh
Soul Stir X Heal + Resurrect
Synchronize Siren Bolt + Symphonia
Beat Sanctuary Camouflage + Preserve
Manic Melody Valkyrie + Symphonia
Vicious Lullaby Sonic Rain + X Heal
Sound Weapon Sonic Rain + Preserve
Sacred Call Camouflage + Valkyrie
Dianto’s Drives How To Do
Power Siphon Siphon + Scarecrow
Life Siphon Siphon + Rumble
Energy Siphon Siphon + Courage
Spirit Siphon Siphon + Tornado
Revive Siphon Siphon + Chakra
Siphon Block Siphon + Steadfast
Debuff Siphon Siphon + Zero Force
Active Siphon Siphon + Asgard
Dodge Siphon Siphon + Invisible
Strike Siphon Siphon + Cataclysm
Locke’s Drives
Jackpot + Snipe
Jackpot + Potentiate
Jackpot + Fever Roll
Jackpot + Spray Shot
Jackpot + Immolation
Jackpot + Break Shot
Jackpot + Overload
Jackpot + Fatal Deal
Jackpot + Spirit Ray
Jackpot + Burst Shot
Galdra’s Drives How To Do
Serenity Any skill + Slash Rush + Reflection
Serenity Any skill + Hellgate + Leap Fist
Serenity Spark Tear + Hellgate + Reflection
All is Vanitya Spark Tear + Hellgate + Skip Slash
Divine Justice Skip Slash + Vortex + Leap Fist
Overgrowth Vortex + Hellgate + War God
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Beholder of All

At some point in the game, you will unlock the Bestiary artifact, but you won’t be able to create it until later in the game. Once you do, though, equip your vulcosuits in any dungeon and press Square to see that you can activate Scan. While scan is active, you will see that enemies will have markers over them, and you want to see blue, which means you can instantly kill them without having to actually battle them. Note that if you use the Scan method to earn the money for Tycoon, then you will likely get this trophy in the process since you will be killing a lot of enemies.

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Guru of Divine Gifts

As you explore the world in Lost Sphear, you will come across little sparkly bits on the ground that will yield items. There are three types in the game: white ones will give ingredients, consumables and sellable items, while blue gives memories and purple will yield artifacts. Considering how often you run across glow spots, you will highly likely get this trophy during normal play, since 100 items is not really a lot.

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Lord of Fishing

Fishing is rather simple process in Lost Sphear and can be done whenever you see a wooden sign with a fish icon on it. You will first get an opportunity to fish on your first visit to Hush Grove and it is here that you can first unlock the trophy, if you wish. There are plenty of fishing spots across and you can work on this trophy at any of them.

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Spritnite Researcher

The Magic Consortium is a shop in the game that allows you to create spritnites using the memories you have gathered. There are three different types of spritnites: Skill Spritnites that you use to use skills during combat, Counter that act similar to skills but trigger once specific conditions have been met, and Momentum Spritnite that you can link to skill ones which add additional effects to them. All you have to do for this trophy is create 50 spritnite in total for this trophy.

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Master of Creation

Not long into the game, you will be able to create an artifact right outside of Mistral Gorge. This will be your first one, but you will need to create nine more for this trophy. You will usually have enough memories to create most of them as you come across the Lost Points, although a few will likely need later memories as you progress in the main story. If you create an artifact every time you come across a Lost Point, then you will likely get the trophy in the area with Sacred Rahet.

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The description for this trophy is a bit misleading, as it says you need to eat 100 different dishes, but there isn’t that many in the game, so you just need to eat a total of 100 dishes. Normally, this trophy would be a pain, since you would need to farm all of the ingredients, which could take a long time. However, you will get a few dishes in you because of the three specific dish trophies. Outside of that, there is a way to easily get this trophy, but make sure you farm enough money to do this method.

For starters, you will need two specific artifacts, both of which will be available a little later in the main story. Diversify can be found under a rock in the Lunar Kiln that’s underneath the imperial palace in Watt. The other artifact you need is Rich Menu, which can be found on the southeastern islands. Plant these two artifacts near Elgarthe, then go ahead and purchase 100 of the following ingredients: Plump Bird, Plump Bird Egg and Wild Peppercorn. These are the ingredients needed for the Fowl Fry dish, so go ahead and create as many as you need (100 total should cost around 40,000G, with the ingredients costing around 30,000G). Once you’ve made the Fowl Fry dishes, consume them all to get the trophy.

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Insatiable Shopper

You should do this trophy in conjunction with Tycoon, since you will need to spend a total of 500,000G from the shops in order to unlock it. Spending that amount can be a bit hard, since you might not know what to buy (see Chowhound for some extra spending tips), but if you continually farm money and upgrade your weapons and armor with upgrade spritnite, then this shouldn’t take too long. You can keep track of your progress in the Moon Memory.

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Mercantile Master

For this trophy, you will need to sell items to the merchants and accumulate a total of 100,000G from them. The majority of the junk items you pick up from glow spots don’t sell for too much, but you might get coins and similar objects sometimes from enemies, which usually sell for a lot more. If you want to get this easier, though, your best bet is to farm the Platinum and Aurum Bobbs. When you manage to defeat these, you will always receive at least one Platinum/Gold Ore, which sell for 4,000G and 2,000G, respectively. Note that the Bobbs mentioned will typically run away on their first turn, which happens almost instantly at the beginning of the battle, so you will want a pre-emptive strike on them. You can keep track of this trophy in the Moon Memory option of the menu.

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