Lost Sphear

Mind's End

Jarrod Garripoli

Well, you are clearly inside of Kanata’s consciousness and you have a save point right next to you, so be sure to save your game. A green portal of some kind is shown to you, so when you are ready, enter it to find yourself back in the imperial capital? Huh? Well, it appears this isn’t the same capital city as you’re used to, despite the layout being the exact same, so getting lost shouldn’t happen as you explore. There are plenty of enemies around, Vorg Rebels, who are pretty much the same as the guards in the capital you were just fighting before. It’s a good idea to go around and fight them, as they will offer up some new memories, even though you can’t use those right now.

There are no items or sparkles, and your goal is to make it to the southern end of town, which is where you will find the source of that cry for help you heard earlier. After taking out the Vorgs, the lady on the ground introduces herself as Uhla, and mentions this place is called the First City. She runs back to the lab she works for, asking you to visit later. Since there’s nothing else to do, venture east and north on the first path you find to spot a familiar merchant, even though it’s not the same one. He doesn’t offer anything new, as he sells only items, but you can upgrade equipment if you have the spritnite. Anyways, back on the main path, continue east and at the end, you will find the lab that Uhla mentioned. Enter to view a lengthy scene, then you’ll be back in the cloudy nothingness, where you began.

Another portal has appeared, so save if you want, and enter it to appear in the next memory. It appears you are in the same area, but in a different time period. Once the scene is finally over, you will be in control of Lumina, alone, and you can’t change your party. Your goal is to find the merchant and procure some terromite, and you can’t get into battles, so it’s time for some stealth! Immediately to your west is a guard, who will be looking to the south, so you can easily slip by him without having to worry. To the west of him will be a patrolling guard, though, so you’ll need to be careful.

Ignore the path heading west and go north until you come to another split, keep an eye out for the guard to the north. Remember the guards function on line of sight, so either hide behind objects or wait until their backs are turned to avoid getting caught. At the split, turn westward again, waiting for the guard in the open area to turn around to the north before slipping by him. You can head north here or west, although a guard is in the way. Wait until you can sneak by him and continue straight west, then there will be more guards in the open area. You want to go north here and start making your way to the area where Plana’s workshops is in the future. A scene will occur when you arrive, then you will be back in the void area.

Save your game, if you wish, then reorganize your party and head through the next portal. You’re in some kind of industrial area, with three paths ahead of you. Both the left and right ones lead to dead ends, so ignore them and just head along the middle one. In the next room, you still have the same three paths ahead of you, so ignore the other two and you’ll initiate a scene down the middle one. Once it is over, you will return to the void to find some kind of creature there. Before confronting it, you have a chance to save, so heal up, do that and get ready for a boss fight.

BOSS - Primeval Monster

You will find that this boss is highly annoying, especially with melee characters, since the boss will counter attacks with his own. Physical ones are countered with Rupture, which will hit anyone in melee range, while magical ones are hit with Pollute, which seems to deal a little more damage than the former. As for the other attacks, Riot will hit everyone twice, for around 40-50 damage total. Rampage seems to be similar to Riot, possibly dealing a little more damage, but not much more. Devour will siphon some of a character’s MP, Body Odor will inflict Ability Down (lowers abilities), and Breath can inflict a variety of status ailments, like Confusion and Rooster. In addition, it can use Draw Breath to siphon some HP, but it’s a pretty low amount. Lastly, it can put itself to Sleep, giving it some pretty good regen, so you don’t want this to happen often.

As already mentioned, melee attackers (like Lumina and Galdra) are at a disadvantage in this battle, since you have the counters and the more annoying skills, like Body Odor and Breath, only hit around the boss. Primeval Monster’s damage is really nothing, with the upper range being like 50 damage, so you shouldn’t have to do any emergency healing. The main problem with this battle is that Primeval Monster has a lot of health and you don’t have access to the artifact that lets you see how much health it has, so you are basically blind. The usual strategy of attacking and healing when necessary will win this bout.

Upon finishing off the Primeval Monster, you’ll gain new artifact knowledge, Diange, Paradox, Star Glow, and Beastiary. The final one, in particular, is of importance, as it will provide a new vulcosuit function, Scan. Activate this with Square while walking around dungeons wearing your vulcosuits, then you’ll notice that enemies will be different colors. This is shown as blue (weakest), yellow (average) and red (strongest). When enemies are blue, then you can simply eliminate them instantly by just running into them.

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A strange phenomenon has been occurring in the world, in which a white mist overtakes objects, places and people, making them completely lost to the world. One day, though, a humble self-taught swordsman from the small town of Elgarthe awakens to the power of Memory, which allows him to restore those lost to the strange phenomenon. Now, Kanata and his friends must journey the world to quell the Lost before it takes over the whole planet.

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